Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh refuses to back off

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh informs Sharda that he is going to meet Preesha and the latter gives her handmade ‘kheer’ to him. Armaan is about to leave the house but another make-up artist interrupts him saying that she came to take her make-up kit from Devika’s room. Other side, Rudraksh tells Police inspector that Digvijay is Devika’s murderer so the latter should release Preesha now. Armaan comes there and tells Police inspector that Digvijay didn’t murder Devika. Rudraksh asks him that then who else murder Devika.

Armaan tells him that Preesha is the one who met Devika at last and he has evidence for that and calls that another make-up artist. He recalls that how she said to him that she saw Preesha and Devika fighting with each other like enemies so she didn’t enter the room to take her make-up kit. Police inspector asks her that what she saw. She tells him that she got afraid seeing their fight that’s why she didn’t even enter the room to take her make-up kit and left from there. Rudraksh asks her how can she accuse Preesha without knowing the complete truth.

Police inspector asks her that when she saw the fight and reveals that make-up artist telling the truth because forensic report has death time so it proves that it’s Preesha who met Devika at last and when Digvijay left Devika’s room that time she was alive. Rudraksh asks him that what the latter saying. Police inspector tells him that Digvijay has motive to kill Devika but no evidence exists against him and all the evidence proves that it’s Preesha who murdered Devika. Rudraksh defends Preesha.

Preesha recalls Sulochana’s warning and asks him to stop caring about her because he is no one to her and she is Armaan’s wife so he will prove her innocence and asks him that why he is interfering in her family matters and tells him to not interfere again and leaves from there. He shatters hearing her and leaves from there and talks to himself asking that what happened to her suddenly when yesterday only she hugged him.

Preesha thinks that she didn’t behaved like that with Rudraksh because of Sulochana but she don’t want Rudraksh to hurt himself more. Rudraksh decides to not back off until he proves Preesha’s innocence. Vasudha learns about Preesha’s arrest and Preesha is in jail now and asks Gopal that why he didn’t tell her anything and she feels dizzy so he goes to bring water for her.

Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion and Sharda asks him that what happened to him. He tells her that he don’t know that what happened to Preesha suddenly and she insulted him saying that he is nothing for her and cries and asks her that how can Preesha say that when she knows that how much he loves her and he knows that Preesha will return to him. Next day, Digvijay tells Armaan that today Devika’s murderer will be punished in the court. Armaan tells him that he still feels like Preesha is innocent.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha tells Preesha that nothing will happen to her. Rudraksh tells Sharda that Police inspector got evidence in Preesha’s favour.

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