Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th March 2021 Written Update: Preesha and Mishka join hands to expose Kabir

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahana recalls how she saw Preesha outside Kabir’s room and scolds Kabir for walking and asks what Sulochana was doing few minutes back. Sulochana says she was not doing anything. Ahana says Preesha saw her doing something and right now she must be telling about it to Rudraksh and asks her to tell what she did then only she can help her. Kabir asks Sulochana that what was she doing. Sulochana takes the diamond necklace out from Kabir’s wheelchair and says she was just hiding it there. He praises her for hiding it there. Ahana scolds them and asks don’t they want anything else now because Preesha saw everything.

Sulochana asks now what will happen. Kabir says Sulochana always does mistakes. Ahana says she has to handle this situation and says she is going to hide this necklace in Sharda’s room. She warns them to not do any mistake otherwise they won’t get anything. Sulochana says today holi, so she will talk to Rudraksh about Ahana and Kabir’s engagement. Kabir says it’s a good idea. Ahana tells her to not do overacting.

Preesha asks does Rudraksh is angry on her. He says he is not understanding that why she is keep blaming Sulochana and says he can understand that she doesn’t like her but she is not that kind of person who can do wrong with others then why she is behaving like this with his mother. He asks what happened between her and Sulochana. She thinks she doesn’t have any proof against Sulochana so she need to stay silent and says she loves Sharda so much that’s why she is behaving like this. He says he knows that she is overprotective for her loved ones that’s why he loves her and hugs her.

Sulochana tells Rudraksh that she is thinking to do Ahana and Kabir’s engagement today. Rudraksh gets excited hearing her and says he will do the arrangements because it’s double celebration for them and hugs her. Sharda asks Preesha about Vasudha. Preesha says Vasudha is not doing well so she told her to take rest.

Sharda says Sulochana should start the puja because it’s her first holi here. Rudraksh thanks God for reuniting him with his family. Preesha thinks she need to throw Sulochana and Kabir out of the house for Rudraksh’s sake. Rudraksh apologize to Sonia for yelling at her in award ceremony and asks her to join for puja. Sonia thinks he cares about her so much and she loves him.

Sulochana starts the rituals for Ahana and Kabir’s engagement. Preesha says why Mishka is not happy with this engagement. Mishka says Kabir is cheap person and she is not understanding why Ahana marrying him. Preesha says Ahana hiding something from them definitely so they should find that secret and asks her to help to expose Kabir. Mishka says she can do anything for Ahana and shakes hand with her.

Ahana’s engagement happens with Kabir and Rudraksh clicks their pictures. Preesha tells her plan of spiking Kabir’s drink to Mishka and says no one should know that they working together. Later, Ahana snatches the alcohol bottles from Sulochana and Kabir and warns them to not drink again. Kabir tells Sulochana that they are just using Ahana to get the properties. Rudraksh drags Preesha towards him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha spikes Kabir’s drink. Mishka and Preesha executes their plan.

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