Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2022 Written Update: Preesha confronts Revati

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Revati tells herself that caterer didn’t mixed poison in the kheer and she won’t leave him. She calls caterer and Preesha comes there with caterer mobile. Preesha asks her to stop acting because she knows her real intention. Revati tells her that it’s good that the latter knows the truth so she can attack openly.

Preesha asks her that how can the latter betray them when they treated her like a family member. She talks about all of Revati’s plans. She adds that she and Rudraksh saved each other so Revati targeted her kids. She says that Revati is a murderer.

She tells her that the latter can’t ruin their family. She asks her that why the latter doing all this for exposing the truth of her family. She tells her that she won’t let her do anything wrong from now on. Revati tells her that Dev died and her family suffered a lot. She adds that she lost everything because of Khuranas so she will snatch everything from them. She says that Preesha can’t prove her wrong because the latter don’t have any proof against her. Preesha locks her in a room and thinks that she will flop Revati’s plan. Revati thinks that this kheer was not her plan but blast will happen during marriage and everything will be ruined.

Preesha decides to tell Revati’s truth to Rudraksh and goes to her room. Rudraksh shows her marriage outfit and nuptial chain to her. He makes her wear the nuptial chain saying that he can’t wait until tonight. The nuptial chain gets broken. Sharda feels bad seeing that. Preesha thinks that she locked Revati in a room so she can’t do anything. She sends Gopal to check Revati.

Revati talks about her plan to someone. She plans to escape through washroom window. She hears Gopal’s voice and understands that Preesha sent him. He tells her that he will come again to check and leaves from there. She escapes through washroom window.

Everyone gets ready for marriage. Sharda makes Rudraksh sit on the marriage mandap. Priest asks her to bring the bride. Ruhi says that Preesha’s entry will be special and goes to bring Preesha. She compliments Preesha. Sharda comes there. Everyone brings Preesha downstairs. Rudraksh and Preesha stares each other. Revati sees Preesha’s smile and says that soon the latter will be shattered. Gopal tells Preesha that she checked Revati and asks her to not worry.

Preesha’s duppata gets torn down because of Ruhi’s mistake so she goes to change the duppata. Sharda asks Priest to begin the rituals so the latter begins. Smoke comes and weird smell too so Rudraksh asks about it to Priest. Everyone coughs and starts fainting one by one. Preesha sees that from upstairs and comes downstairs. She asks everyone to wake up and wonders that what happened to them. She also faints.

Episode ends.

Precap – Revati says that this is her last war which is taking Ruhi from there. She picks Ruhi.

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