Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2024 Written Update: Aditya learns the secret from Shanti

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shanti gets scared seeing Aditya in the outhouse. She asks him that what is he doing there and he know she is there. She threatens to scream. Aditya screams Kaashvi’s name. He says that puja is happening and no one will listen them. He ties her and pours kerosene around her. She asks him that what is he doing. She screams for help. He asks her that why she double crossed him. She tells him that he is betrayer. He says that he is glad Shanti understood him. He set a room on fire. She screams for help. He tells her that now blast will happen. She pleads him to not kill her. She says that she will do whatever Aditya tells her to do. He shows the pen drive to her. He says that this proof can prove Mahesh and Shanti’s innocence but Shanti has to tell the secret to him to get this pen drive. She thinks that Aditya is devil and he will use the secret for wrongdoings so she can’t tell the secret to him. He asks her to not think too much. She tells him to save her first and says then she will tell the secret to him. He says that he is not fool to believe her. He asks her to die there and tries to leave from there. She stops him. She reveals that Mahima exchanged Kaashvi’s child with doctor help. He gets shocked hearing this. He thinks that this trump card will make him win the game. She asks him to save her now. He tells her that she should die now. She promises to not cross his path. He tells bye to her and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, puja gets over. Kaashvi says that she kept prasad in the kitchen and she will bring it. Priest tells Kaashvi that she can’t leave now. Romila says that she will bring prasad and goes inside. Keval tells Jagadish that he is smelling something weird. Jagadish tells Keval that it must be because of smoke. Romila lit on the gas cylinder and blast happens. She screams and falls unconscious. Arjun goes inside the kitchen and takes Romila out of the house. Everyone goes out of the house. Kaashvi gets worried about Aditya and moves towards his room.

Aditya comes out of outhouse and gets shocked seeing fire in the house. He says that it was not part of his plan and he hears Kaashvi’s scream. He enters his room through window.

Arjun falls fire bigrade. He asks Mahima that where is Karun. Mahima tells him that Karun was with the latter. They blames each other. Arjun goes inside. He tells Kaashvi that Karun is inside still. Kaashvi searches Karun and finds him. Arjun enters Aditya’s room to save Aditya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aditya ends his coma drama. Shanti decides to tell the truth to Kaashvi.

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