Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj helps Vasudha and Gopal

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha searches Mahima everywhere and notices that terrace door is opened so reaches terrace assuming her sister could be there. She shocks seeing Mahima walking there on risky place and if she continues that then she may fall down from terrace and may die also. She shouts at her and tells her to stop walking but seems like Mahima is not in her sense so she was keep walking. She wonders what to do and thinks she doesn’t even have mobile with her to call Rudraksh.

Vasudha wakes up shouting Mahima’s name. Gopal asks what happened to her. She says Mahima is in danger, she can feel that. He says Mahima took sleeping pills that’s why Vasudha assuming like this but truth is Mahima is fine he met her at Khurana house and Preesha taking care of her sister very well. She says she wants to talk to Mahima and asks for his mobile. He gives his mobile to her and she calls Preesha but doesn’t get any response from other side. He tells her to drink water but she refuses it and says Preesha is not picking her call.

Saaransh wakes up and gets confused not seeing Preesha beside him, he was about to leave the room but stops hearing Preesha’s mobile ringtone and sees Vasudha calling and wonders why she is calling at this time. He picks the call. She apologize for calling at this time. He says she is talking to him not Preesha and tells her how he woke up and Preesha isn’t here. He says Preesha would be in his room with Mahima and he is going there to check her.

She says she is waiting for his response. He enters his room and doesn’t find anyone there and informs that to Vasudha. She tells him that she will be there in few minutes and disconnects the call. Preesha says she has to do something and puts her life in danger to save Mahima’s life. She shouts at her and Mahima reaches the edge and was about to fall down but Preesha holds her hand and pulls her towards her.

Preesha hugs her and feels relieved. Mahima comes to her sense and asks how she came here and realises that Preesha saved her and asks who is going to save them now. Yuvraj was eating road side food and praises the taste of it and tells the vendor to do partnership with him in this business.

Then he notices Gopal with his repaired car and moves towards him and says he will drop them. Gopal tells him that they don’t need his help. Vasudha says it’s important for her to reach Khurana house because her daughters missing. Yuvraj says they won’t get any taxi this time and takes them with him.

Saaransh wakes Rudraksh and informs about Preesha. Rudraksh informs his family that Security guard said no one went out of the house so they will be here only. Balraj gets irritated and yells at him for spoiling his sleep for Mahima.

Rudraksh says Mahima is Preesha’s sister and it’s his responsibility to take care of her because he brought her here. Preesha’s parents gets worried knowing their daughters missing still. Yuvraj says he can’t go in front of Rudraksh also he can’t miss this drama so thinks what to do. He takes the risk entering the house. Mahima says she will jump from here because she is just troubling others and tries to jump from there. Preesha holds her and says she will also jump with her and assures her that she will cure her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha says Mahima will get Saaransh.

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