Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2023 Written Update: Mahima spots Kaashvi with Karun

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karun tells Mahima that he will call Arjun and Arjun will come for sure. Mahima thinks that Arjun is already angry at her because of stamp matter and she can’t let Arjun know about it. She tells him to not call Arjun because she will come.


Aditya tells Arjun that the latter injured his hand. He says that he will apply ointment on Arjun’s injury. Arjun tells him that he is habituated to live with pain. He says that few wounds won’t heal. Aditya gets confused. Arjun tells him that the latter won’t understand and leaves from there.

Kaashvi asks Karun that if he talked to his mother. Karun tells her that his mother is coming. Teacher announces the race. She asks students to be ready with their parent for the race. Karun tells Kaashvi that he wanted to participate in the race. Kaashvi tells him that she can participate in the race if he don’t have any problem then. He asks her that will she become his mother. She tells him that yes, for this race. He tells her that he don’t have any problem. They participates in the race and wins it ( Title song plays in the background ).

Mahima reaches the school and hope that Karun did not call Arjun. Karun tells Kaashvi that he will show the trophy to his mother. Kaashvi hugs him. She thinks that Karun’s mother is really lucky. Teacher announces that winner is Karun. She asks Karun’s mother is come to the stage. Mahima gets happy hearing this. She thinks that she is getting trophy without doing anything.

Karun takes the mic from teacher and he calls Kaashvi to the stage. Kaashvi goes to the stage. Mahima gets shocked seeing Kaashvi. She wonders what Kaashvi is doing there and how Kaashvi knows Karun. She asks herself that if Kaashvi know Karun is her son. She says that she won’t let Kaashvi return in her life. Kaashvi receives the trophy with Karun.

Mahima hides from Kaashvi. She decides to leave from there with Karun before Kaashvi sees her. She goes to Karun. Karun tells her that about trophy and Kaashvi. He asks her to meet Kaashvi. She tells him that she is not well and she takes him from there. He tells her that how he won the race with Kaashvi’s help. She asks him that how he know Kaashvi. He tells her everything about Kaashvi. She realises that she stole Kaashvi’s stamp and Arjun know about Kaashvi. She wonders why Arjun hided about Kaashvi from her. She decides to talk to Arjun. She thinks that she has to keep Karun away from Kaashvi and she won’t let Kaashvi snatch Arjun from her.

Aditya tells Kaashvi about Arjun’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Karun informs Arjun about race. Mahima asks Arjun that why he did not tell her about Kaashvi. Arjun tells her that he got to know recently only. He says that Kaashvi also moved on in her life. Mahima goes to Kaashvi’s office. Aditya plans to propose Kaashvi. Mahima sees this. She thinks that she should not meet Kaashvi for now.

Episode ends.

Precap – one girl asks Kaashvi to save her. Kaashvi beat few men up.

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