Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj gives life sentence punishment for Preesha in the courtroom

Episode begins with the lawyer of Rudraksh says that the prime suspect Preesha already confessed her prime in front of the police officer that she did commit the accident so I would like to request the court to give the verdict in favour of my client Rudraksh. The lawyer from the side of Preesha that’s as my client has already confessed her crime so I don’t want to defend anything else.

GPS and Vasudha protest against her in the court and says why are you not defending my daughter? You prepared for the court case so you should produced the reports. Preesha thinks what all these are happening in the court? She cannot believe that everything is going against her in the courtroom. She is shocked to find out the lawyer appointed by Yuvraj not even fighting and defending her properly and moreover he is asking for her punishment.

Yuvraj says that the court has listened to both the parties and now is going to announce the verdict of the case. Yuvraj says that after looking at the evidence and eyewitnesses, the court has come down the conclusion that Preesha srinivasan is responsible for the accident of Rajiv Khurana. He also says this was a case of accident but now it has turned out to be a murder, a very merciless killing. So the court has decided to give Preesha a punishment of life sentence, hang till death.

Preesha gets stunned with the verdict and she tries to talk with Yuvraj but he didn’t talk to her and left the court premises as soon as the case is done.

Vasudha gets upset without birth date and fails unconscious. Rudraksh gets happy with the decision of the court and he things that finally he will be able to give justice to his elder brother, Rajeev.

Vasudha says to GPS that Yuvraaj has betrayed them and their daughter and they needed to talk to him. When GPS and have reached the chamber of Yuvraj and starts to confronting him he fakes another story in front of them that Saransh is being kidnapped by someone and he was pressurized to give search verdict against Preesha or else they will kill Saransh. He said to them that I was obliged to give such verdict against her and I want you to to manage her because I am sure she is thinking something bad about me.

Preesha is getting heart broken in the cell thinking about the court case. She decided that she will spill the beans in front of all and will tell everybody who is the real culprit behind the accident. Rudraksh comes to meet her and says that he is happy to see her in such a state. He says you deserved it and I am finally happy that the whole world got to know about your reality.

Preesha feels broken that the entire thing turned upside down and she got framed in something she didn’t commit. GPS and Vasudha comes to the police station and informs Preesha that Saransh is being kidnapped and that is the reason behind Yuvraj giving away such verdict in the court.

Precap – Rudraksha got to know that Rajiv wants to adopt a kid, he meets Preesha and says Saransh is the biological son of my brother and that is why you are blackmailing him? He already made a life insurance for Saransh. Preesha gets a doubt on the intentions of Yuvraj.