Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2024 Written Update: Arjun fails to prove his claims

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaashvi tells Arjun that it’s an empty room. Arjun gets shocked seeing no one is there. He tells her that Nisha was there. She asks him that why he is doing this with her. She says that Arjun fooled her again. He tells her that he did not lie. He says that he saw the photo of Aditya and Nisha. He adds that something is fishy. She asks him that how can Nisha and Vansh disappear. He says that he promised on Karun and he is telling the truth. He tells her that Aditya is behind the disappearance of Nisha and Vansh. She asks him to stop it. She says that Arjun don’t want her marriage to happen with Aditya that’s why Arjun is accusing Aditya. She adds that she may miss her chooda ceremony because of Arjun and leaves from there.


On the other hand, Dadi tells Aditya that decoration is really good. Aditya tells Dadi that Sushma would have prepared everything for chooda ceremony.

One man asks Arjun and Kaashvi that whether they liked the house. Kaashvi asks him that who is he. He tells her that he is house owner and he know Arjun and Kaashvi want his house for rent. Arjun asks house owner about Nisha and Vansh. House owner tells Arjun that no one lives in that house since last year. Kaashvi taunts Arjun.

Aditya calls Kaashvi and tells her that mehandi decoration is beautiful. He asks her to come for chooda ceremony on time. Kaashvi tells Arjun that she made mistake by trusting him. She decides to book cab. Arjun tells her that they are outside city so she won’t get cab easily. He says that he will drop Kaashvi and he won’t say anything.

Mahima asks Karun to play inside the house because it’s raining outside. Karun waits to talk to Arjun about Vansh.

Dadi gets worries about Kaashvi. Aditya tells her that he talked to Kaashvi. Sushma’s friends asks Sushma about Kaashvi. Sushma asks Aditya that where is Kaashvi. Aditya tells her that Kaashvi must be on the way. She tells him that Kaashvi is insulting her. He tells her that she also know it’s raining so it’s normal to get delayed.

Arjun and Kaashvi gets stuck in traffic because of landslide. Kaashvi tells Arjun that they are stuck there because of him. She says that she can’t reach on time. She notices that there is no network in her phone.

Sushma’s friends bad-mouth about Kaashvi. Aditya scolds them. He says that he won’t hear a word against Kaashvi. He tells Dadi that he trust Kaashvi and he is worried about Kaashvi.

Kaashvi falls asleep on Arjun’s shoulder ( Title song plays in the background ). Arjun also falls asleep. Reporter reports about landslide. Sushma watches the news and sees Arjun and Kaashvi inside the car.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sushma shows the video to Aditya. Mahima tells Aditya that Arjun did not return home yet

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