Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh decides to take revenge on Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Sharda that he got shattered seeing that. He recalls that how he came to Khurana house after his recovery. He sees Preesha and Armaan in marriage garlands. He asks himself that how can Preesha marry Armaan. He tells Sharda that he was not ready to face all this. He says that now he is ready to take revenge on Preesha. He says that Preesha broke his heart and he will snatch her happiness. He tells her that he won’t let Preesha stay happy with Armaan. He says that everyone will witness new shade of him.

Sharda asks him to forget Preesha. She tells him that she is happy he returned. She asks him that why he said that he is going to marry Pihu. He tells her that he and Pihu got close due to their pain. He says that he will marry Pihu. She thinks that he can’t lie to her and she know he can’t love anyone else than Preesha. She hope that one day he will tell her that why he is marrying Pihu. She goes to bring food for him. He says that he lost trust in love and he can’t tell Sharda why he is marrying Pihu.

Rudraksh recalls that how he saved Pihu from an accident. Pihu gets shocked seeing him alive. He tells her everything. He asks her that what happened to her. She says that she want to die. He asks her to think about Vidyut. She tells him about Vidyut’s death. He gets shocked hearing her. She says that Preesha is responsible for everything. She informs him that Preesha accused Vidyut in Rudraksh’s murder. He wonders that why Preesha accused Vidyut.

She says that Vidyut screamed that he did not kill his brother but no one listened him. She says that she was with Vidyut when bomb blast happened but no one listened her too. She tells him that how Vidyut died when escaping from the jail. She says that she is pregnant with Vidyut’s child. She tells him that everything is over and she has to die. He tells her that she can’t think about death. He wonders that who is behind the bomb blast.

Next day, Pihu and Rudraksh learns that Preesha met Armaan on the marriage day. Rudraksh realises that Preesha lied to him. Pihu tells him that there is a possibility that Preesha and Armaan together did all this. He refuses to believe her. She tells him that Preesha married Armaan for money. He tells her that Preesha is not like that.

She says that Preesha snatched everything from her. He tells her that he will marry her for her and her child. He says that they will go to Khurana house after his complete recovery. She holds his hand when he forward his hand. He comes to reality and he says that he has to find out that why Preesha married Armaan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha wonders that why Rudraksh did not return to her if he was alive then. Rudraksh thinks that Preesha did not marry Armaan for money. He asks Preesha that why she is helping Armaan. She tells him that she don’t have any other choice. Later, Preesha tells Rudraksh that he returned late. He asks her that why she did not wait for him and why she married Armaan.

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