Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Ahana humiliates Saransh with the name of his father

Episode begins with the judge of the court is asking Preesha to say sorry to Rudraksh Khurana and dismiss the matter here only. Preesha says I am ready to say sorry and I don’t have ego inside me so if I am wrong I will say this. Rudraksh thinks what else she has except for ego inside her? She is is ready to say sorry then there is something really fishy.

Preesha comes in front of Rudraksh and pretend as if she is saying sorry but before that she falls unconscious in the courtroom. Rudraksh thinks that she is just pulling of a drama so that she can avoid saying sorry to me. Rudraksha sales in front of all that how is she doing and if she is ok? Precious things how much he is faking concern as if we so much worried about me, if so then why he is making me say sorry?

Rudraksha comes near her and says you are a very good actor, why don’t you try yourself in TV serials? Preesha gives him a look and says I will never say sorry to a person like you. Rudraksh says I proved my Innocence and also kabbadi is exposed still I am the bad person here? Preesha says I may have gone wrong in analysing you but I know how you are as a person! Hence, I will never say sorry to you.

Yuvraj is getting angry in his cabin that he not only lose the case but also the opportunity to grab a hefty amount of money from the khuranas gone out of his hand. He thinks that I will not let Kaveri go that easy when a peon comes to offered him t and says congratulations in advance for becoming the young judge. Hi this is how do you know that I am going to become one? The peon says the meeting is going on in the other room for the selection of the new judge. Of course GPS is there and he will select you only as you are going to be his son in law.

Yuvraj becomes hopeful and he went there to listen to the meeting agenda and the proceedings. They are discussing about the possible names to become the judge. However GPS declined the name of Yuvraj and says he is used to develop his examine skills to become a judge. Yuvraj get angry with egg and he decides to teach Kaveri and the GPS both a lesson.

Mishika comes to meet Aahana in the school. The contractors and event managers gathered in the house of Rudraksh today was there contracts with him all over again. Balraj asked him Rudraksh to go and practice for the upcoming events even when Rudraksha is not well and is feeling a bit feverish.

Kaveri is packing her stuff when Yuvraj comes in her house. He breaks the stuff of her house and says now it’s time to settle the scores with GPS. Ahana gives Saransh a form to get it filled up with the signature of his father. Rudraksh is seeing that Saransh is crying in the bathroom.

Precap – Yuvraj is planning to ditch Preesha, Rudraksh says to Rajiv he loves him a lot.