Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh and Preesha gets locked by Saransh together

Episode begins with the family members find out that saaransh is sitting with his parents and tries to enable the handcuffs in front of the media people and the child care service representative, however when she takes off the veil from the hand of Saransh it was empty and Ahana gets shocked to see this. To cover up the situations she says to the media persons that please click my pictures with Saransh as he is one loving child of our family.

The child care representative had a word with the parents of pressure and said to them that I can see some different situations over here but don’t worry I will keep my eyes on them throughout the time.

Preesha tries to know from saaransh who did this with him and he took the name of Ahana. Pressure goes to confront Ahana and ask her to stay away from her son because she will not be able to tolerate these kind of things anymore.

Bunty, Bubbles along with Rudraksh and pressure are together inside a room and Bunty is saying some romantic words to Bubbles. Rudraksha says that you are talking big for your love but tell me honestly will you be able to prove it as well in reality? He says all these cheesy words look good in the book only and nothing else.

pressure and Rudraksh starts to argue with each other and surrounds enters the room and notices them arguing with each other. He thinks of an idea as his school teacher once locked in with his friend just because they are arguing with each other in the school premises so he thought why not apply the same actors to them as well so that Rudraksh and pressure can become friends with each other?

Saransh tech set handcuffs and locked both off their hands while they are talking to each other. Saransh pretends as if he lost the key for the lock and will return soon after finding that key. Rudraksha and pressure roaming in a marriage ceremony with their lock hands and trying their best to hide it from the media people.

Yuvraj is getting it to see them close with each other while the media is having full bytes of both of them together. Finally Rudraksh comes to the washroom with pressure as he needs to use the toilet in an emergency.

Accidentally both of them turned on the shower and get wet together. Due to the floor get slippery both of them slipped and fell and started laughing. Saransh says I also want to join you people and Preesha noticed the key is in his pocket.

Saransh says that I have to do this because you two are arguing with each other and I want you people to become friends. Rudraksh laughs at his innocent thinking and talkings.

Precap – Ahana overhears the conversation between Preesha and Yuvraj.