Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th April 2021 Written Update: Kabir plans to kidnap Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor decides to give electric shock to Kabir and he informs about it to Kabir. Sulochana and Kabir shocks hearing him. Doctor says Kabir muscles will react with electric shock. He asks Nurse to start the treatment. Kabir is unable to bear the pain. Doctor asks Nurse to increase the voltage. Sulochana thinks Kabir should not get up. At end, Kabir stands up and Sulochana thinks everything finished now. Kabir gets emotional and says he can walk now. Sulochana thanks God and Doctor.

Kabir thanks Doctor and Preesha. Sulochana says magic happened because of Preesha and hugs her. She decides to give the good news to Rudraksh and leaves from there. Preesha says to Doctor that she was right about Kabir. Doctor agrees with her. Preesha says now Sulochana planning to lie to Rudraksh again but she is glad that Doctor knows the truth. She asks him to say the truth to Rudraksh. Doctor says he will tell the truth to Rudraksh.

Kabir apologize to Sulochana and says she handled everything. He says he need not to act anymore. Sulochana says they has to face the real trouble now only. She says she thinks Preesha already knows about his lie and Doctor too knows it. Kabir says they need to do something. Sulochana says they need to do something before Rudraksh comes there. She gives bribe to Doctor and asks him to lie to Rudraksh. Doctor gets angry and says he will tell the truth to Rudraksh. Sulochana says Doctor tortured Kabir and she will use this against him. She threatens him to cancel his license. He scolds her and reveals Gopal is his friend so Rudraksh will believe him obviously.

Sulochana says to Kabir that Doctor refuses to take money. Kabir says Rudraksh will believe him not Doctor. Sulochana says Rudraksh will believe the Doctor. Kabir plans to kidnap Rudraksh and informs about it to Sulochana. He says CC is greedy man and he can do anything for money. He calls CC and asks him to accept the offer. CC refuses to accept the offer. Kabir says CC will get 5crore if he kidnap Rudraksh then. CC says Rudraksh is big celebrity and curses Kabir. Kabir says he will give 6crore to CC. CC accepts the offer. Kabir sends details to CC. He says to Sulochana that Rudraksh won’t reach Chennai now.

Ahana and Sharda reach Chennai. Sharda says she won’t spoil Rudraksh’s surprise. Sulochana says to Ahana that Kabir can walk now. Sharda says it’s really magic. Ahana thinks why Preesha is silent. Preesha asks Sharda about Rudraksh. Sharda says Rudraksh is busy with his work. Sulochana praises Preesha. Preesha says she is happy that Kabir can walk now and goes to meet Doctor to talk about his treatment. Ahana gets relieved and assumes Preesha doesn’t know about Kabir’s lie. CC kidnaps Rudraksh. Sharda learns that Rudraksh missed the flight.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha learns about Rudraksh’s kidnap.

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