Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha confronts Yuvraaj about the accident

Episode begins with Rudraksh is looking at Saransh with affection as he can see the reflection of Rajiv in him. Saransh says to him please bring back my mom home now. Rudraksh suddenly remembers the moment of Rajiv in the death bed, lashes out at Saransh and you are also very selfish like your mother.

GPS is trying to make Ahana agree to take Saransh back in the school but she denies it. Ahana says to GPS that it is impossible for me to take back a kid in the school whose parent is a convicted criminal.

Preesha is not understanding anything regarding the words of Yuvraj and Rudraksh. She is trying to match the words of Yuvraj and the reality of Rudraksh and Rajiv in her mind hence she called the jail officials so that she can meet Yuvraj as soon as possible.

Yuvraj is having a happy time as he is booking a new car after his name and also choosing destinations for having a holiday as well when he got the call from the jail that Preesha Srinivasan wants to meet him. He at first is not interested to meet her but then he fears that what if she is willing to change her confession? He decides that he will go to meet Preesha and will listen to what she has to say this time.

Rudraksha in his house noticed that the servants are taking out the stuff of Rajiv from the room. His mother informed them that they are taking these stuffs for donations but I am not willing for this.

Aahana comes in the room at that time and she says to everybody that she is not able to live in this room with these memories of Rajiv. These things of Rajiv are actually haunting her and due to that she is feeling more lonely and the fact that Rajeev is no more with her. she is feeling depressed that sometimes she feels like committing suicide so that she can be with Rajiv.

Balraj says if the case is this much is sensitive then I have no problem with the donation program of the clothes of Rajiv.

Rudraksha says that there is no need to take out the stuff of my brother, if my sister in law is having a problem with this then I am taking this belongings of my brother in my room so that I don’t feel lonely myself. Everybody is leaving the room and Ahana gets happy that now the entire room belongs to her only.

Preesha is confronting Yuvraj in the jail and she asks if your words Rajiv wants to kill Saransh and he doesn’t love him as his son then why did he make a trust fund for him to secure his future and his present?

Moreover, I got to know that Saransh will get a monthly alimony of 50 lacs for maintenance till the time he becomes 21.

Even the day he died, he was going to meet Saransh and brought so many toys for him as well. I am just not understanding how can be your words and the reality of Rajiv can be so contradicting to each other. Yuvraj somehow manages the situation in front of Preesha and made her believe that he is not wrong.

However, he also understands set Preesha is not fully convinced with his answer this time. To divert the topic emotionally, Yuvraj says to Preesha that I will make sure that you can come out of this court and jail as soon as possible. He says we will appeal in the High Court for your bail and will reopen the case.

Precap – Rudraksh decided to complete the unfulfilled desires of Rajiv by bringing Saransh in the family and the house. he decides that he will do anything and everything required to fulfill the last wish of his brother.