Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th January 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj decides to find out about Ruhi’s secert friend

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she has to leave and leaves from there. He thinks that he has to do something big. She goes to Rudraksh and scolds him. All light goes off for new year count down. Ruhi goes to Saachi. One kid gives gift to Ruhi and leaves from there without saying anything. She goes to Yuvraj and he thanks her. Ruhi opens the gift and notices the firecracker.

Yuvraj thinks that it will help him to impress Preesha. He plans to save Ruhi when it blasts on her face. She lits the firecracker and stands near it. He waits for the blast. Rudraksh also notices Ruhi and realises that she is in danger and he saves her. Yuvraj sees that and wonders that who is this new hero and notices the jacket. He tells himself that this is the same jacket which Ruhi bought for her secret friend and he decides to find out about him.

New year count down gets over. Firecrackers starts blasting and everyone starts running to save their life. Preesha searches Ruhi. Rudraksh hides with Ruhi. She tells him that she has to go to her mother. He tells her that he will save her mother and goes into the crowd. He and Preesha holds each other’s hand. Her bangle comes in his hand and she leaves from there. She goes to Ruhi and leaves the venue. He gets relieved realising that Ruhi found her mother. Mukhiya’s men chases him but the latter escapes from there. Rudraksh tells himself that now he is sure that, that was Preesha.

Preesha reaches home and thinks that it was Rudraksh or her hallucination. She realises that she lost her bangle which Meena gifted her. Next day, Rudraksh comes out of storeroom to call Bunty from public phone booth. He hides seeing Mukhiya’s men. On the other hand, Preesha recalls about yesterday’s incident and she burns the food. Ruhi tells her about it. She asks to tie her hair. Meena comes there and takes Preesha with him for an emergency case.

Bunty tells Sharda that he is in touch with Rudraksh so she need not to worry. She tells him that she misses Rudraksh so much. Rudraksh calls Preesha and tells him that Preesha is alive and he has proof this time which is her bangle. He asks him to reach the village. Bunty agrees to reach the village. He asks himself that how is this possible that Preesha is alive. He gets shocked seeing Saaransh in front of him. He realises that Saaransh didn’t hear anything and gets relieved.

Ruhi struggles to tie her hair. She decides to take Rudraksh’s help and goes to storeroom. She asks him to tie her hair. He ties it in a funny manner and she leaves from there. She reaches school and students laughs at her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tries to make Ruhi laugh.

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