Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2021 Written Update: Vasudha slaps Mahima and Yuvraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vasudha meets Mahima. Mahima tells Vasudha that she knows that Vasudha will come to meet her and blames Rudraksh, Preesha for her condition but Vasudha slaps her and says they don’t share any relationship with each other and she has only one daughter and that is Preesha. She asks how can Mahima try to kill her own son and daughter and asks Police inspector to punish Mahima properly and she should not come out of the jail.

Yuvraj says now Mahima will be in jail for her whole life. Vasudha slaps him and says he is also sinner because he helped Mahima and says Gopal always asked her to not trust Yuvraj but she didn’t listen him and tells him to pack his stuff and leave the house. Yuvraj leaves from there. Mahima thinks today she lost against Preesha but she will return one day. Rudraksh praises Vasudha and tells Preesha that they will start new beginning of their life with Saaransh.

Preesha was applying ointment on Rudraksh’s wounds and he keep kissing her. She looks at him and he tells her to concentrate on his wounds. She says so much happened in their life in this short time and says she was glad that she saw his birth mark otherwise she can’t imagine what would have happened. He says what if it was really him not Bhuvan. She gets irritated hearing him and asks him to not talk like this. He asks how she would have reacted if it was really him who shared bed with Mahima then.

She says she would have done the same thing which he would have done seeing her sharing bed with Yuvraj. He gets angry hearing her and holds her tightly and possessively says she belongs to him and no one can separate from him. She says she also feels same like him. He kisses her but Saaransh interrupts them and says now he will sleep with them only. Rudraksh says finally he can sleep peacefully. Saaransh and Preesha agrees with him ( Title song plays in the background).

Next day, Court punishes Mahima and Bhuvan. Mahima tells Preesha that she will return to get revenge. Rudraksh and Preesha thanks Bhuvan for helping them to catch Mahima and says without him it’s not possible. Bhuvan says he did everything for Sonia and pleads them to find her and gives her picture to them. Rudraksh says he will find her.

Police inspector gives the address of Sonia’s friend Savitha to Rudraksh. Preesha and Rudraksh meets Savitha and asks about Sonia. Savitha says Sonia used to live with her in this house and says Sonia was Rudraksh’s fan. She says Sonia informed her about her arrest so she suggested her to call her brother but she refused to tell him.

She says Sonia was keep getting offers for modelling and says one day left the house at midnight photoshoot but after that she never returned. She gives one model agency card to them which she got from Sonia. They goes to that agency and learns that it’s closed from long time.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh receives call from unknown number and that person says he knows the whereabouts of Sonia.

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