Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2021 Written Update: Saaransh complaints about Rudraksh to Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sulochana says to Sonia that she would have enjoyed a lot in the swimming pool and tells her that she is doing really well. Yuvraj asks her that what Sonia did. She tells swimming pool incident to him. Yuvraj tells Sonia to create more misunderstandings between Rudraksh and Preesha. Sulochana asks him about bomb. He says to her that he put the bomb on it’s place but it will take time to blast. She says to him that she is waiting to hear that blast sound.

Sunny wakes up and goes to Rudraksh’s room. Rudraksh asks him that what is he doing there instead of sleeping. He says to him that he is afraid to sleep alone and his mother used to sleep with him till now. Saaransh makes fun of him. Rudraksh says to him it’s new place for Sunny and Saaransh also used to sleep with him and Preesha so he should not make fun of Sunny instead he should help him. Saaransh apologize to Sunny. Rudraksh asks Sunny to sleep with them.

Next day, Preesha says to Sharda that she tried to talk to Rudraksh but he is not ready to listen her. She informs her that what all happened in the swimming pool. Sharda says to her that she loves Rudraksh so it’s obvious that she can’t see him with someone else but these all small things and tells her to just concentrate on to save her relationship and that should be her priority. Preesha sees Rudraksh sleeping with Sunny and Saaransh and suspects Rudraksh’s behaviour towards Sunny.

Later, Rudraksh gives toys and electric helicopter to Sunny and asks him to tell his mother’s name. Sunny gets angry at him and asks him that how can he don’t know his mother’s name. Sharda overhears their conversation and questions Rudraksh. Sunny says to Rudraksh that he can’t lie anymore and says to Sharda that he is Rudraksh’s son and now he will tell the truth to everyone. Sharda thinks storm will come if this truth came out then and Preesha will cut all ties with Rudraksh definitely and stops Sunny saying that she will say the truth to others soon and asks him to not tell the truth to anyone until then.

Sharda scolds Rudraksh and takes him with her. Rudraksh says to her that he doesn’t even know that who is Sunny’s mother. She tells her that he can’t even imagine what will happen if Preesha get to know the truth then. He says to her that he is trying to remember what happened that night. She tells him to talk to Reema.

Saaransh learns that Rudraksh brought electric helicopter for Sunny. He complaints about Rudraksh to Preesha and says to her that even Sunny is not sharing the toys with him. Preesha makes Sunny understand the importance of sharing and tells him to play with Saaransh. Sunny agrees with her. Preesha asks Sharda about Rudraksh’s friend informs about her doubt.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sunny accepts in front of Rudraksh that Reema is his mother. Rudraksh finds Kabir.

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