Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh celebrates onam with his family

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Preesha and Saaransh gets to know that some surprise is waiting for them. Vasudha notices that her thousand rupees missing and so Girish and asks Gopal to call the police saying that guy was a thief. Girish comes back saying he went to buy vegetables and gives the bill and the remaining amount to Gopal. Gopal asks him to make a coffee for him.

He tells Vasudha that Girish is an honest guy like he said. She says he went without informing. Seeing Yuvraj in his house, Gopal gets angry and taunts him. Yuvraj says Gopal doesn’t know anything and never listens to others too not even Vasudha. Preesha and Saaransh come out after wearing the dress which was kept by Rudraksh. She shocks seeing everyone in south Indian attire and asks about the decorations.

Rudraksh says it’s only their surprise. Yuvraj says he just joined Rahul company because he needed a job but he doesn’t know he was Rudraksh’s competitor. He says he even tried to resign the job after knowing the truth but Rahul denied accepting his resignation showing the contract he signed so he can’t resign before one year.

Vasudha asks about which matter Yuvraj talking. Gopal says he doesn’t wanna know anything and asks him to stay away from Preesha otherwise he will regret it. Yuvraj says he won’t let Preesha face any problem because of him and he came to clear his misunderstanding. He says if Gopal gets angry like this then who will take care of his health. He notices Girish there and leaves from there. Vasudha asks Gopal to get ready saying they have to go to Preesha’s house.

Preesha and Saaransh gets surprised seeing Rudraksh in south Indian attire. Rudraksh says they are going to celebrate her festival Onam. Saaransh gets excited seeing Vasudha and Gopal there. Vasudha praises Rudraksh’s look. Mishka asks Ahana why they are participating in the drama. Ahana says if Mishka wants to live in this house then she should be habitual to all these.

Rudraksh shocks knowing that Tamilians don’t celebrate Onam but Malayalis does from Preesha. Mishka and Ahana laugh hearing her. Gopal says festival name doesn’t matter what matters is they are celebrating together. Rudraksh apologizes for his misunderstanding. Preesha and Saaransh thanks Rudraksh for his surprise and they celebrate Onam.

Rudraksh struggles to handle his dhoti and Preesha teases him for that. She helps him to wear dhoti properly. He gets mesmerized seeing her face close to him. Saaransh comes there saying Vasudha called her. When Saaransh asked why she didn’t wear any flower, Rudraksh said why would she when she is allergic to flowers.

Preesha gets surprised by hearing him. He wonders why he remembers every small details related to her. She thinks about how he remembers all these and wonders why she feels happy that he knows these all about her. They start the pooja and Preesha prays for Rudraksh and Saaransh. Rudraksh prays to God to fulfill Preesha’s wish. They stare at each other (Title song plays in the background).

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh gets to know about Preesha’s suspension.