Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh stays in outhouse

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda tells Rudraksh that even God wants Preesha to return home. Rudraksh nods at her. Ruhi says that they will become happy family again. Rudraksh goes to his room to get freshen up. On the other hand, Preesha hears Pihu humming a song. She questions her about the song. Pihu tells her that Raj composed this song. She informs her about assignment. She asks her that if the latter felt bad that she is working with Raj. Preesha tells her that they can’t blame whole family for Rudraksh’s mistakes. She says that she want to forget her past so Pihu need not to worry about anything. She adds that she don’t have any problem with Pihu and Raj’s friendship. Pihu thanks her. Preesha tells her that she likes Saaransh and Ruhi even though they are Rudraksh’s kids. Pihu hugs her.

Next day, Rudraksh reaches Armaan’s home. Ruhi asks him that if he took gardener outfit. He nods at her. Saaransh asks Rudraksh that if the latter took make-up kit. Rudraksh nods at him. Ruhi reminds Rudraksh that he is Prem here not Rudraksh. Rudraksh starts walking towards the home. Ruhi tells him to walk like an old man. Kids leaves from there.

Preesha opens the door and calls Rudraksh as Kakaji. Rudraksh asks her to call him as Prem because that’s his name. She nods at him. She informs him that Kanchan will show servant quarters to him. He enters the home and sits on the floor. Preesha asks him to sit on the chair. Kanchan comes there and says that she will take him to servant quarters. Rudraksh asks water to Preesha. She offers water to him ( Maine tera naam dil rakh diya song plays in the background ). He makes contact with her. He thinks that soon she will feel his touch.

In the college, Professor says that he is impressed with the students assignments. He adds that Raj and Pihu can participate in inter college competition. Everyone claps for Raj and Pihu. They congratulates each other. She tells him that they will win the competition for sure. She notices Vidyut. She tells him that she will talk about rehearsals later and leaves from there. Vidyut asks Raj that how can the latter talk to Pihu after what she did with their family. Raj tells him that Pihu did nothing wrong. He informs him that Rudraksh don’t have any problem with his and Pihu’s friendship.

Kanchan takes Rudraksh to outhouse. She tells him that he has to clean it and leaves from there. Rudraksh video calls Ruhi and shows the room to her. He asks her that how can he stay there after working. She tells him that he can see Preesha daily if he stayed there then. After some time, Rudraksh screams seeing lot of worms. Kanchan asks him that why he screamed. He makes an excuse. He thinks that he will increase his gardener’s salary because gardener job is not easy. He starts working while seeing Preesha. He dreams of dancing with her. He tells her that he is doing all this for her only. He comes to reality when Kanchan praises him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan notices Rudraksh’s car outside his home and he tells about it to Digvijay. Ruhi tells Saaransh that Rudraksh is not picking the call. Kanchan asks Rudraksh to get up. He gets ready in hurry and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing him.

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