Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha decides to change her statement for the sake of Saransh

Episode begins with the jailor informs Preesha about the prepone of the date of her life sentence. She gets panicked to listen to this and wants to call someone from her family but the jailor declined her request.

At the same time, someone from the staff of the jail informs the jailor that some captive in the jail started to feel her labor pain. Pressure rushed to the cell of that woman and says the situation is critical and we don’t have enough time to call a doctor differently, I am a gynecologist and I can make the delivery happen here. Pressure helps in the delivery of the baby and the newly made mother asks her why are you in jail? You should be in your home with your son right now. Pressure gets a nightmare that Saransh is being bullied by the public in open for being the son of a murderer.

She get up from her sleep with a jerk and she feels that she is being too harsh on her son because whatever she is doing in the love for Yuvraj is going to affect the future of Saransh big time. She understands that she is a mother first and her top priority needs to be her son Saransh and not anybody else. She decides that she will spill out the real truth in front of police officials. Things to have a word with Yuvraj and change her statement officially so that she can be with her son because she needs to protect him at any cost.

Rudraksh and his mother are surfing through the stuff of Rajiv when she gets a form of adoption and legal papers regarding it. She shows it to Rudraksh and says that from a long time of period Rajiv is so interested in adopting a kid. Like he never said anything in detail and clear but his behaviour is indicating that he needs a child of his own from long.

Rudraksh noticed that the form of adoption has the name of Saransh which made him realise that he wants to adopt his own son. He finally gets a voice message in his Instagram profile and he gets so happy to know about Saransh and he wants to bring him in the family.

Rudraksh imagines that Rajiv is requesting him to bring Saransh in the family so that he himself can be back to his family because Saransh is a part of him only.

Rudraksh promised to his brother that he will bring Saransh in the house and will make him part of this family at any cost. Preesha meets Yuvraj in the jail and he declared the decision to him that she wants to withdraw her previous statements and is willing to give a correct statement once again. Yuvraj sense the danger is almost on his head and to stop her he took the extreme step this time and asks her for marriage.

pressure is already exhausted with all the anxieties and overthinking regarding her son and herself. In the heat of the moment, she got convinced by Yuvraj and get ready for the marriage without thinking about anything else further.

Precap – Rudraksh gets to know Preesha and Yuvraj are getting married.