Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj gets to know about Rajiv being the father of Saransh

Episode begins with Rudraksha isase to Saransh that just like your mom cannot be a father same way no father can be your mother as well. He says you should consider yourself lucky that you have a mother like Preesha. He sings a song for Saransh and finally he is able to loo in the toilet. Rudraksh is remembering the moment when he lost his mother and he got teary eyed. Saransh comes to him and says I am done and he goes out of the toilet with Rudraksh and then he noticed that Rudraksh is crying. Saransh wash his hands and wash the face of Rudraksha as well with water. Rudraksh sales touched with his gesture but he remains unaffected.

Rajiv calls Rudraksh to know where he is without being at rehearsal. Rudraksh says to his brother that Ahana calls him in her school so that he can take along Mishika with him. Rajiv says there is no Mishka and all those things I know why she called you there? She wants you to get married with Mishka and that is why she called you, I heard her talking to our father. Rudraksh thanks his brother and goes out from the school without meeting Ahana. Aahana is waiting for a Rudraksha when Saransh informs her that he has left from the school already. Anar talks rudely with him and says do come tomorrow with the signature of your father or else there is no need to come.

Saransh comes home and lock himself inside room and tries to find out about his father from the pictures and files. Yuvraj comes to break the relationship with Preesha but stops to think that Saransh can be trump card after he realise that Mahima is in relationship with Rajiv only and Saransh is a Khurana in real. Yuvraj decides to marry Preesha so that Saransh can be in his control for life and he can blackmail Rajiv with it.

On the other side, Rajiv and Yuvraj both of them share an emotional moment between each other. Rajiv sen do take care of your health, I don’t understand what is Mr balraj is dreaming from you? Rudraksh says to his brother without you I feel so lost. He asks Rajiv about anybody else whom he can love like him ever in life? Rajiv says there was someone but he lost her long ago. Yuvraj and Preesha somehow open the door of the room of Saransh and made him understand that he will get to know about his father and everything when he will be grown enough for that.

Yuvraj says to Preesha that we should get married as soon as possible so that sarpanch can get a father and I can get a family of my own. In the morning Mishka comes to the room of Rudraksh and tries to be cosy with him. He gets irritated with her behaviour but due to the fear of his father he is not saying anything on the face. He decides that I should do something which can make Mishka reject me for the marriage!

Precap – Yuvraj and Preesha goes to the school and Yuvraj signs in the form as his father. Raju gets a message that someone is aware about his deep secret. Yuvraj says this is just the starting of extracting money from you.