Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2022 Written Update: Preesha helps in the delivery of goat

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ruhi asks Preesha to help her to learn a poem. Kanchan is about to leave from there, but Ruhi stops her. Ruhi says that she have to recite a poem in front of crowd. She asks her to be her audience. Preesha says that Ruhi is really cute. She tells Ruhi that the latter’s mother is so lucky. Ruhi thinks that Preesha is her mother.

Kanchan agrees to stay there. Prem tells Kanchan that he need to change the pots of the saplings. Kanchan asks him to do it. He enters the house. He asks Vanshika to alert him if anyone came then. He removes the painting with Saaransh’s help.

Kanchan asks Ruhi to learn poem first, then she will be her audience. Ruhi tells her that the latter can’t go inside now. She convinces her to stay in the garden. Rudraksh opens Armaan’s safe using Armaan’s fingerprint. He replaces the previous medicine with new medicine. He hopes Preesha gets well soon. He says that they have to leave before anyone comes there. Saaransh reminds him that the latter has to change the pots of the saplings. Rudraksh changes the pots of the saplings with Vanshika’s help.

In the college, Pihu asks Security man to show a footage of green room. He shows the footage. She thinks that she won’t spare a person who did that to Raj. She gets shocked seeing Vidyut mixing some powder in Raj’s green tea. She tells herself that she won’t spare Vidyut. She decides to expose him. She realises that Vidyut was deceiving her and Raj. She asks him to give that footage to her. He tells her to come after an hour. She leaves from there.

Armaan gives medicine and water to Preesha. Khuranas sees that. They goes to outhouse. Rudraksh tells his gang that Armaan has no clue, those medicine will bring Preesha’s memories back. Ruhi says that they have to do something. He says that Preesha love her kids. Saaransh says that Preesha love her profession too. He says that Preesha helped everyone.

Rudraksh agrees that Preesha loved her job. He says that Preesha helped many people in the delivery. Vanshika asks him that what’s the plan. He tells her that they have to recreate a similar memory in front of Preesha. She tells him that they can’t arrange a pregnant women for that. Saaransh says that he has an idea.

After some time, Prema and Ruhi brings a pregnant goat. Kanchan and Preesha gets surprised seeing that. Prema says that no one is to take care of her goat so she brought it there. She reveals that her goat is pregnant. Armaan and Digvijay comes there. They tells Prema that goat can’t stay there.

Kanchan agrees with them. Prem tells Kanchan that goat will be helpful for the garden. He says that goat will eat wild grass. Prema asks that what happened to her goat. Preesha says that goat going to give birth. Prem says that they don’t have a doctor. Preesha says that she can help in the delivery. She asks them to bring hot water and bedsheets. Later, Prem praises Preesha for helping them. He says that he don’t know Preesha is a doctor.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu tells Rudraksh that Vidyut had spiked Raj’s green tea. Vidyut asks her that if she has any proof. She plays the CCTV footage. Everyone gets shocked seeing that.

Episode begins with Raj informs Vidyut that Pihu is ready to help him to find the real culprit. He asks him to not interfere in this matter. He says that it’s his matter and he will handle it. On the other hand, Rudraksh finds Armaan’s safe. He tells his gang that he is sure Armaan kept medicine in this safe. Vanshika asks him that how they are going to open the safe. Preesha knocks the door. She asks Armaan that if everything is fine. She enters the room when Armaan did not respond. She gets shocked seeing Ruhi there. She asks Ruhi that what is she doing there.

Ruhi recalls that how her gang hided. She lies to her that she reached Armaan’s room because of sleep walks. Preesha tells her that she will take her to outhouse. Ruhi tells her that she is not sleepy now. She says that she want to go to rooftop. She adds that she want to see stars with Preesha. She requests her to take her to rooftop. Preesha takes her from there. Rudraksh tells Vanshika that Ruhi saved them.

In the rooftop, Ruhi tells Preesha that she used to look for stars in the sky with her mother. She shows the brightest star to her. She tells the story of Dhruv star. She gets stuck in the middle so Preesha completes the story. Preesha asks her that if she tell this story to her before. Ruhi thinks that she can’t tell the truth. She shook her head. Preesha tells her that she felt like it happened before. Ruhi gets happy hearing her.

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