Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th February 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj in forms the parents of Preesha about their marriage

Episode begins with Yuvraj decides to inform the parents of Preesha about their marriage and he gets happy that after marriage Saransh will be his legal son and he can get hold of the money left for Saransh. In the house of Preesha, GPS informed Vasudha that the death sentence of their daughter was preponed and it will happen after 5 days now. Vasudha starts to panic and she says to her husband and I don’t know anything but please bring back my daughter. Saransh comes and asks his grandmother what is happening, why are you shouting like this, what is wrong with my mother? Yuvraj comes and assured him that your mother is fine and nothing will happen to her.

Saransh gets happy with the assurance of Yuvraj and he goes inside. Yuvraj informs GPS and Vasudha that he is going to marry Preesha to get her out of the case. He manipulates them in the name of the protection of Preesha and Saransh and says that if I got married to her then Saransh will be legally my son and not only that the case of Preesha will change dynamically and people will not see her the way they are seeing her right now.

Bunty and Bubbles are walking on the road when Bubbles informed him that Preesha is going to marry Yuvraj soon and he promised her to take care of Saransh as his own son as well. Bunty sales but I want punishment for the person who killed Rajiv, my boss.

Bubbles face Preesha always supported you and you turned off on her so soon?
Rudraksha is in the studio to do the recordings of his new song when he imagined how his father used to scold him for not being able to sing properly and how his brother used to boost his morals and appreciate his talent. He keeps Rajiv in his mind while singing and he did record the song perfectly.

Everybody appreciates his singing and talent and Ahana congratulates him for doing the good work and she lives with her sister Mishka from the recording studio. Bunty says sorry to Rudraksh once again for not informing him about Rajiv on the concert day and then he gives her the news of Preesha getting married to Yuvraj inside the jail with special permission.

Rudraksh gets shocked to listen to this and he confessed to Bunty about Saransh and his relationship with Rajiv and Preesha. He says the last wish of my brother was to bring Saransh in our family and give him the much needed acknowledgement and place in this family as a member.

Rudraksha thinks that Preesha wants to get married to Yuvraj because she wants the trust fund of Rajiv for her family. He decides that I will not let her do this again and spoil the dreams of my brother. He decides to visit the central jail so that he can take control on the situation.

Saransh comes to meet Rudraksh after seeing the news of Preesha on television and he requested him to stop the game, Rudraksh says what game are you talking about continuously? He decides to take Saransh with him to the central jail.

Precap – Preesha gets married to Rudraksh in place of Yuvraj.