Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2021 Written Update: CC suspects Kabir in Rudraksh’s kidnap

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Spoiler: Preesha is determined to expose Rudraksh's imposter

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Jerry asks Mahima that why she is doing all this. Mahima says to Jerry that she just wants Maria’s happiness nothing else. Maria says Mahima should accept money. Mahima says she wants freedom not money. Jerry accepts to kidnap Rudraksh from CC. Mahima says to Jerry that first he has to help them to escape from prison. She comes to reality and says now they has to change their costume.

On the other hand, Preesha comes to J.P road. Police inspector calls Preesha and informs her that his team surrounded that area and tells her to not worry. Preesha acts like she is talking to Vasudha and says she doesn’t care about herself but nothing should happen with Rudraksh. Police inspector tells Constables to take their position.

Maria asks Mahima that why they are waiting there. Mahima reveals her plan to Maria. Jerry’s car comes there. Mahima’s Goons beats Jerry and others then they kidnaps Rudraksh from them. Maria gets worried for Jerry and was about to go to him. But Mahima stops her and assures her saying nothing will happen to Jerry. She says it was necessary to beat Jerry because now CC won’t suspect him.

Preesha waits for Kidnapper. Police inspector calls Preesha and asks about Kidnapper. Preesha says she also don’t know why Kidnapper didn’t came yet. She decides to wait for some more time and prays to God for Rudraksh’s safety. Police inspector thinks Kidnapper changed the plan or thinking to ask more money.

CC asks Jerry about Rudraksh and points gun at him. Jerry says Rudraksh was with them only but suddenly few people came and attacked them then they took Rudraksh from there. CC beats his allies. Jerry says to CC that someone betrayed them because that person knows that Rudraksh is with them at that time. He thinks Mahima asked him to tell this to CC and wonders what will happen now. CC says he knows that who betrayed him. Sulochana tells Kabir to calm down. Kabir says Preesha didn’t reach the house with Rudraksh and CC also not calling him. Sulochana asks him to forget about 10 crore when they can get more than that like Ahana said.

CC calls Kabir and says he won’t leave him for betraying him again. He says he made mistake by trusting him. Kabir asks about which betrayal he is talking now. CC informs him about Rudraksh’s kidnap. Kabir asks him to tell the truth and convinces CC that he didn’t kidnap Rudraksh. Ahana comes there and asks Kabir that what’s happening. Kabir reveals that someone kidnapped Rudraksh from CC. Ahana starts laughing at Kabir. Kabir suspects Ahana in Rudraksh’s kidnap. Ahana says she is not like them to run behind 10 crore.

In Khurana mansion, Preesha says to Sharda that she was waiting in J.P road but Kidnapper didn’t came there. Maria calls Preesha and says now they wants Saaransh too with 10 crore and disconnects the call. Sharda asks what they want now. Preesha hides the truth and wonders why they wants Saaransh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha suspects Mahima in Rudraksh’s kidnap.

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