Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2021 Written Update: Saaransh makes a shocking revelation

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha sneaks into Khurana mansion to meet Saaransh. She sees him crying sitting in the corner. He starts to cry more seeing her. She asks why he is crying like this. He shows Balraj’s dead body to her. She shocks seeing that and wondered who did that. She checks his pulse and calls Rudraksh and Sharda. Hearing her shout Ahana and Mishka comes there. Ahana asks how she came inside. Mishka shows Balraj to Ahana. Mahima comes there and asks what Preesha doing here now and shocks seeing Balraj.

Yuvraj wakes up and wonders where Preesha went. He says he should not worry about her because he is not her real husband and her real parents sleeping peacefully. He wakes them. Gopal scolds him for disturbing their sleep and doesn’t let Yuvraj speak.

Yuvraj says then they will search Preesha tomorrow. Sharda stops him and asks what happened. Yuvraj says Preesha is not in the house. Gopal says Preesha would have went to meet Saaransh and was about to call her. Yuvraj says she didn’t took her mobile with her. They decides to go to Khurana mansion.

Ahana tells Mishka to call ambulance. Preesha says Balraj is not alive. Mahima cries and asks who did that. She asks what Preesha doing here and accuses her for Balraj’s murder. Preesha asks what is she saying. Mahima calls Security guard.

Preesha asks why she will kill Balraj. Mahima scolds Security guard for letting Preesha inside Khurana mansion. Security guard says he is sure that Preesha didn’t enter the house through main gate. Mahima says Preesha had problem with her but why she killed Balraj. Ahana asks how can Preesha do this with Balraj.

Saaransh says Preesha didn’t murder Balraj but someone else did and he saw that. He cries hugging Preesha. Mahima and Ahana asks him who murdered Balraj. Preesha says she came to meet Saaransh and he was crying when she entered the house and says they has call the Police. Mishka calls the Police.

Sharda wakes up and wonders where Balraj went. She gets surprised seeing Preesha and asks what is she doing here at this time. She shocks seeing Balraj and asks what happened to him and tries to wake him and tells them to call the Doctor. Ahana says Balraj is not alive. Sharda slaps her for saying like that and says he will get up and tells Preesha to do something. She cries hugging Preesha and faints.

Preesha’s parents and Yuvraj reaches Khurana mansion and shocks seeing Balraj. Gopal asks how it happened. Preesha consoles Saaransh. Staff informs Preesha about her parent’s arrival. Mahima asks why they came here. Preesha says she didn’t inform them that she came to meet Saaransh. Mahima and Preesha comes downstairs. Preesha asks Police inspector that did he find anything. Police inspector says they didn’t got murder weapon. Preesha tells him what all she saw. He says he wants to investigate Saaransh to know the truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh says Rudraksh murdered Balraj.

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