Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2020 written update: Rudraksh arranged the money to save Rajiv from Balraj

Episode begins with Rajiv is getting blackmailing messages on his phone one after another. he is thinking who can be this person and after a long time now why he is blackmailing me?

What exactly this person want from me? He gives him a reply that he doesn’t have money anymore. In the reply he gets message that if he doesn’t give money then the next day the news of him will be the headline of every news channel.

Rajiv thinks he is somehow expecting it and he gives a reply that I will definitely give you the money. He somehow arranges the money from the locker of his father. He comes at the place where the blackmailer asked him. He keeps the bag in a dustbin box as per the instructions but he also tried to track down the person who is blackmailing him.

However a lorry comes in front of his car and blocks the way for him to see who is coming to pick the bag from the dustbin. Rajiv gets down from his car and goes to check about the bag and finds it missing in the bin box. Rajiv gets into his car again and drives off from there.

Yuvraj comes out from the go down the bag of money and gives the lorry driver a bundle of money. He says to himself that I am much more smarter than you Mr. Rajiv so you will not get hold of me anytime soon.

On the other side, Rajiv gets into trouble when Balraj confronts him about the money he stole from his locker. He says I have CCTV camera in my room so that no one can steal money and just because you are my own son I am excusing you or else if anyone else was in your place I would have lodged in an official complaint against him in the police station. games rising fund ultimatum and says within tonight I need my 1 crore rupees back in cash.

Rajiv gets scared but Rudraksh hugs him tightly and says you don’t need to worry I will do it for you. He calls his assistant and says that he is doing the advertisement he got an offer for but he needs the shoot to be done by today and also the payment of 1 crore in cash.

He brings the bag of money for Rajiv and visit you can go and give it to our father now. Rajiv asks Rudraksha how did you manage to arrange the money so soon? He says I did an advertisement which I was not interested to do. He says to Rajiv you did so much for me all through our life so now it is my turn to do something for you. He goes to a restaurant to taste the foods for the engagement and meets Preesha. He told her that he is getting married and whatever she said for him is not true.

Preesha says to Mishka that I feel bad for you, that you are getting married to such a person. Mishka gets offended and says excuse me to Preesha. however Rudraksh manages the situation and Yuvraj gets a call and excused himself from there.

The manager of the catering business came there and ask Preesha for the advance money. She brings out the bundle of money from her bag and Rudra suddenly noticed the mark of swastik on the notes which is so similar to the mark which his sister-in-law did.

He remembered how his father used to mark the notes and kept it in their locker. Rudra develops a doubt in his mind that if my brother has given the money to Preesha? Preesha looks utterly shocked with his behaviour.

Precap – Yuvraj asks for 5 crore rupees from Rajiv. He gives him a necklace of Ahana worth 5 crore rupees. Later on, Rudraksh noticed the same necklace in the neck of Preesha.