Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat humiliates Nayantara

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat blames Nayantara for Aliya’s arrest. Nayantara tells him that he should thank her because police reached there on time and saved Aliya. She says that consuming drugs could be normal in his society but that’s illegal. She reveals that why she gave information to police. He says that she did everything to become famous. He tells her that she humiliated Aliya because she is jealous of Aliya.

She asks him to stop yelling at her and go to Aliya and ask why she consumed drugs if he cares about his sister then. She says that she has nothing but she has her family who support her always. She tells him that Aliya need family’s support and she don’t think Aliya will get. He tells her that he won’t spare her and strangles her. Media reporters records everything. Mohit and Ishani comes there. Mohit tells Samrat that media is there and warns him about consequences. Samrat scolds him for not staying with Aliya when all this happened and goes inside. Nayantara takes Ishani from there.

Mohit gets bail for Aliya. Police inspector releases Aliya. Samrat asks Mohit to book London tickets. Police inspector tells him that Aliya has to stay in India until the case gets closed. Samrat takes Aliya from there. He asks her that why she consumed drugs. Aliya informs him that Mohit broke up with her. She says that she learnt that Mohit love Nayantara. He gets angry at Mohit and Nayantara and he decides to ruin Nayantara’s life.

Malati tells Nayantara that she found a good guy for her so she is going to meet them. Chintu says that TV is not working. Nayantara recalls that how she saw her and Samrat’s news on newspaper and TV and removed the wire of cable. She thinks that she don’t want Malati to know everyone. She tells Chintu to do homework and she will repair TV.

Samrat try to beat Mohit for hurting Aliya. Mohit tells him that he broke up with Aliya because he never loved her and there is no future of them. Samrat tells him that the latter broke up with Aliya for Malati’s daughter. Mohit tells him that it’s not like that. He says that he took this decision to save his and Aliya’s life. He thinks that Samrat may harm Ishani. Samrat thinks that he know Samrat is lying but pretends like he believed him. He says that he will make Aliya understand and leaves from there. Mohit books two tickets for Australia on his Ms. Iyer name.

Outside the house, Malati tells Grandma that she met Rahul’s family and they agreed for marriage. They gets shocked watching the news of Nayantara and Samrat. People gossips about Nayantara. Malati faints.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara learns that Malati get to know about news. Mohit tells Ishani that they have to leave for Australia. Samrat set fire on Nayantara’s house.

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