Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2021 Written Update: Preesha decides to tell about her past life to Armaan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion and gets surprised seeing Sharda there and asks her that if she is fine. She tells him that she is fine and it’s them who gave new life to her and asks about Devika. He tells her that they will go later to meet Devika. Sulochana takes Sharda inside. Rudraksh wonders that how Sharda will react after seeing Preesha.

On the other hand, Preesha sees the file and realises that Armaan hired private detective to know about her past and decides to confront him. Armaan comes there and asks her that why she seems upset. She shows the file to him and tells him that if he wanted to know about her past then he should have asked her directly, why he hired private detective.

She reminds him that they decided to not ask each other’s past then suddenly what happened that he want to know about her past and tells him that he broke their friendship and trust with his act. She tells him that if he want to know her past then she will tell him everything and thinks that what if he calls off Rudraksh and Devika’s marriage after knowing the truth. Staff informs them that Anvi fell from sofa and she is crying a lot. Preesha leaves the room.

Devika reaches Khurana mansion and hugs Sharda. Sulochana tells them that she only called Devika. Sharda and Devika goes inside to talk. Rudraksh thanks Sulochana for calling Devika because he don’t want Sharda to meet Preesha now. Devika tells Sharda that everyone missed her so much and shows marriage ceremony pictures to her. Sharda shocks seeing Preesha’s picture. Devika tells her that Preesha is Armaan’s wife.

Preesha treats Anvi’s injury and makes her smile. Armaan wintesses that. After some time, Preesha is about to tell the truth to Armaan. He stops her from telling the truth saying that he don’t want to know about her past now and apologize to her for hurting her and tells her that there must be some reason that’s why she hided her past life and reveals that he knows that Vasudha is her mother. She tells him that Vasudha didn’t wanted to spoil her new life by revealing the truth and she actually wanted to tell him. He tells her that he understand her and if he want to know anything then he will ask her directly and destroys that file.

Sulochana praises about Devika to Sharda. Sharda asks them that why they hided about Preesha from her. Rudraksh and Sulochana shocks hearing her. Sharda tells them that Preesha has all the rights to move on in her life and she is happy that Preesha is happy in her new life.

Devika informs Preesha that she met Sharda. Rudraksh comes there with Sharda. Preesha gets happy after seeing Sharda and hugs her ( Title song plays in the background ). Rudraksh introduces Sharda to Thakur’s. Uncle praises about Sharda’s beauty to Armaan. Sharda asks Preesha to accompany her to buy gifts for Devika. Preesha nods at her. Rudraksh and Uncle also decides to accompany them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha sees Rudraksh with Ahana and Mishka.

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