Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2021 Written Update: Vasudha attends Anvi’s birthday party

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha misses Saaransh and stops crying hearing Anvi’s voice. Anvi asks her that how is she looking in her birthday dress. Preesha tells her that the latter looks like a princess. Anvi asks her about the birthday gift. Preesha gives pendant to her. Anvi tells her that she won’t disturb God because Preesha is there to take care of her. Anvi shows her pendant to Armaan reminds him that Devika didn’t call to wish her yet.

Devika searches the diamond earrings in her hotel room and yells at the staffs and asks them to call the Manager. Armaan calls Devika and asks her that did she forget about the special day. Devika tells him that she never forgets Anvi’s birthday. She wishes Anvi and tells her that she brought diamond earrings for her. Anvi tells her to return soon. Devika tells Armaan that someone stole the diamond earrings and she called the Manager. Armaan feels bad for that Manager and disconnects the call.

Rudraksh comes there and introduces himself as Manager to Devika. She yells at him for coming late. He tells her that he is Manager not her personal assistant. She informs him that someone stole her diamond earrings. He asks her to search it properly before blaming his staffs is not good. She throws the pillow at him. He sees the earring box and gives it to her and asks her to not blame others for her carelessness. She asks him to send the bill for the things she broke. He leaves from there. She thinks that he is behaving like it’s his hotel when he is just a Manager.

Anvi talks to her toy saying that Armaan is not buying puppy for her. She calls Devika and tells her that no one listens her wish. Devika asks her that what the latter wants now. Anvi tells her that she wants puppy. Devika tells her that Armaan won’t allow puppy in the house and she suggests her to talk to Preesha because Armaan won’t be able to deny Preesha and asks her to talk cutely to Preesha.

Anvi writes note for Preesha and describes in words that she wants puppy. Preesha learns that Anvi wants one more birthday gift and tells Anvi to get ready to receive her gift. Anvi hugs her saying that Preesha is world’s best mother. Preesha recalls that how Saaransh used to say that to her.

Rudraksh reaches his house and hears Sharda’s coughing sound. He gets worried for her and goes to her. Sulochana gives water to Sharda. Sharda lies to Rudraksh that she is fine and asks him to take rest. Sharda tells Sulochana that her medicines are really costly so she don’t want to increase Rudraksh’s burden because he is already doing so much for them. Rudraksh listens that and gets upset.

Anvi’s birthday party begins. Anvi’s Grandfather comes there. Preesha and Armaan takes his blessings. Vasudha comes there. Anvi opens her birthday gift and shocks seeing frog. Preesha tells her that this is what Anvi wanted. Anvi tells her that she wanted puppy not frog. Frog starts jumping. Armaan hides behind Preesha in fear. Preesha teases him. Anvi tells Preesha that she is angry with her. Armaan brings puppy there. Anvi and Preesha smiles seeing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – One guy spikes Devika’s drink and tries to misbehave with her. Rudraksh saves Devika.

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