Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2022 Written Update: Preesha gets accused of Pihu’s kidnap 

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saaransh asks that what if Preesha also got kidnapped like Pihu. He says that Rudraksh went to save Pihu and Rudraksh don’t care about Preesha nowadays. Armaan comes there and asks about Preesha. He says that he is hungry. Digvijay tells him that Preesha is not in the house. Armaan says that he want Preesha. Digvijay scolds him. Armaan gets angry and asks him to bring Preesha. 

On the other hand, Rudraksh notices that Preesha struggling to breathe. He thinks that he has to save Preesha. He breaks the box to save her. He hugs her saying that he is glad she is fine. Pihu sees everything. She hugs Preesha. Kidnapper comes there and apologizes to Preesha for filling her box. She tells him that she don’t know him. He asks her that why she is saying like this when it’s her who hired them to kidnap Pihu. He says that everything is Preesha’s plan. He says that Preesha even said that Rudraksh will save her first. He tells her that Rudraksh saved Pihu first. Preesha says that she never said anything like that.

Kidnapper boss comes there and slaps his guy. He apologizes to Preesha for telling the plan before Rudraksh. She tells him that he is lying. He is about to leave but Rudraksh stops the former. Rudraksh realises that courier guy and Kidnapper boss are same person. He holds him and asks him that whom the latter working for. He asks him that who told him to deliver that doll. He beat him up. Kidnapper boss tells him that Preesha is behind everything. He says that Preesha did not wanted Pihu near Rudraksh. He reveals that Preesha is behind bouquet and Scorpion too. 

Pihu asks that why Preesha will do something like that. Kidnapper boss says that if Rudraksh saved Preesha first then Pihu would have died and that’s what Preesha wanted. Rudraksh scolds him for blaming Preesha. Kidnapper boss tells him that he is not lying. Pihu asks him that why Preesha will try to kill her. He tells her that Preesha don’t want Pihu’s marriage to happen with Rudraksh. Preesha asks Pihu to not trust him. Pihu asks her to stop lying. She tells her that the latter is playing with everyone’s emotions. She is about to slap her but the latter holds her hand. Preesha asks her to not cross the limit. She asks Rudraksh that if he also think she will do something like this. 

Rudraksh says that they will go to police station. Preesha says that she also want to know who is framing her. Pihu feels dizzy. Rudraksh helps her to sit in the car. Kidnapper boss escapes from there. Rudraksh says that someone framing Preesha because she never lies. Preesha says that she has to reach house because Armaan would not have eat anything without her. 

After some time, they reaches Khurana house. Rudraksh tells them everything. He says that he called Police inspector to find the real culprit. Later, Police inspector tells Rudraksh that they can’t do anything without catching the kidnappers and leaves from there. Armaan takes Preesha from there. Saaransh asks Rudraksh that how can the latter suspect Preesha. He says that he know Preesha better than anyone. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Rudraksh asks Saaransh that if Preesha is innocent then who is behind all this. Other side, Pihu tells Digvijay that she know who is behind all this. Later, Preesha asks Rudraksh that if he is really getting married. Rudraksh asks her that why she thought he won’t do. She congratulates him. Chandelier is about to fall on Rudraksh.

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