Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2020 Written Update: Neerja agrees to help Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda thanks God for saving Rudraksh. Balraj says Rudraksh need not to worry, he will take him to Khurana house soon once he recovered. Rudraksh asks how he reached the hospital, what happened to him. Ahana says he had an accident yesterday night. Balraj asks doesn’t he remember anything about yesterday night.

Rudraksh recalls his confrontation with Preesha also his accident and asks about Preesha. Balraj says he knows that Rudraksh can’t hear anything against Preesha but the truth is she is the reason behind his accident and he can’t stay silent seeing all that so he prepared legal papers against her now she can’t see him. He says Rudraksh can be upset with this but he did what he felt right that time.

Rudraksh says Balraj did for him then why he will be upset and he did the right thing with Preesha now she can’t come to him. Everyone shocks hearing him. Ahana and Mishka comes out of the room. Mishka asks how this miracles l happened with just 1 accident , when Ahana tried that time nothing happened but now he is already against Preesha. Ahana wonders what happened yesterday night that he changed this much. When Sharda asked Rudraksh what is he saying, he replied saying now he have just one relationship with Preesha that is hatred nothing else.

Ahana says they should celebrate their happiness by giving this good news to Preesha. Ahana goes to Preesha and tells her that Rudraksh gained his conscious. Mishka tauntingly says she too knows that after all ex Doctor she is. Ahana asks can Preesha see hatred for her on Rudraksh eyes and says he hates her so much now and he even fine with Balraj’s decision about the legal papers. Mishka says finally Rudraksh and Preesha’s chapter closed and they leaves from there.

Balraj tells his family to leave for house saying they will be tired, he will take care of Rudraksh by staying in the hospital. Ahana asks how can she leave. He tells her that she need not to worry, he will handle everything. Sharda feels helpless seeing Preesha while going with Ahana. Balraj goes outside to attend the call leaving Rudraksh alone. Preesha enters the room and apologize to him for everything he is facing now. He signs her to come beside him and holds her hand tightly to hurt her and blames her saying everything happened because of her. She says she really doesn’t know anything that why he is behaving like this suddenly and tells him to leave her hand saying it’s paining her.

Once he leaves her hand she gives her hand again to him saying he can hurt her how much he want but just tell her what was her mistake, why he changed suddenly and says she even asked Rahul but didn’t get to know anything. He tells her everything what he saw in Rahul’s iPad and now he knows her truth and she is just a betrayer. She says she just met him to warn him other than that she didn’t said anything else. He says he hates her and Balraj comes there, scolds Preesha and warns her to stay away from Rudraksh otherwise he will call the police. Preesha goes out and cries.

Saaransh asks Vasudha that he wants to meet Rudraksh but she doesn’t give the permission so he leaves the house without her knowledge. Preesha tells Neerja that wrong happening with her and Rudraksh. Neerja agrees to help her and will watch that video from Rahul’s iPad. Later Preesha helps Rudraksh to clean him and he tells her not act like she never touched a man. He hurts Preesha by holding her hair tightly saying he will keep giving her pain like this. She pleads him to leave her that time Saaransh comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Neerja searches the iPad in her house. Ahana informs Preesha about Rudraksh’s discharge. Mishka mocks Preesha saying she can’t enter Khurana house now.

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