Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi scolds Aditya

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun tells Kaashvi that he is thinking about this from long time. He says that he don’t think Mahima is biological mother of Karun. He asks her that which biological mother will treat her son like this. He reveals that Mahima is treating Karun like step son. He tells her that she is Karun’s maasi but she is giving mother love to Karun. He reminds her that she calm Karun down. And says that Karun is comfortable with Kaashvi. He requests her to give emotional support to Karun. He adds that he won’t tell Kaashvi to stay with him and he want her to keep Karun happy. Kaashvi promises to give all the love to Karun which he deserves.

Next day, Aditya asks Kaashvi that why they have to cancel their plan. Kaashvi tells him that Karun need her that’s why she decided to stay there. He tells her that Karun has his parents to take care of Karun. She tells him that Mahima is not good mother to Karun. He tells her that he can’t believe Arjun brainwashed her. He asks her that why she trust Arjun always. He asks her to say she still have feelings for Arjun. She tells him that she cares about Karun. She asks him that why he is talking like jealous husband. She says that Aditya should support her because he is her friend. She leaves from there.

Arjun tells Kaashvi that he brought chocolates for Karun. They hears a noise and runs into Arjun’s room. Arjun and Kaashvi drags Karun from Mahima. Arjun asks Mahima that what she did. Mahima tells him that Karun became mad and it’s Karun who attacked her. Kaashvi tells Mahima to drop the knife. Mahima drops it. Kaashvi hugs Karun.

After some time, Arjun tells thanks to Kaashvi. Kaashvi says that police inspector said murderer used knife to kill Pallavi. She tells Arjun that she think Karun saw Pallavi murder that’s why Karun got triggered seeing knife. Mahima says that she won’t go near Karun. Arjun asks Mahima that how can she talk like this. Mahima says that she cares about her life. Aditya suggests to go to Faridabad.

Everyone decides to leave for Faridabad. Karun holds Kaashvi’s hand and refuses to leave her hand. Mahima refuses to sit beside Karun. Aditya thinks that Karun is behaving like Arjun. Mahima tells Aditya that Arjun and Kaashvi are getting close because of Karun. Arjun takes Kaashvi and Karun in his car.

Later, Romila scolds Mahima. She asks Mahima to think something. Mahima says that she has to do something. Romila tells Mahima that she has an idea. Next day, Arjun tells Mahima that he has meeting so she has to take care of Karun. Mahima tells Romila that she is going to send Karun to mental hospital.

In the office, Arjun refuses to attend the seminar. Kaashvi tells him that she will stay with Karun so he can attend the seminar. Meanwhile, mental hospital employees reaches Arjun’s house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mental hospital employees tries to catch Karun. Karun jumps from window. Kaashvi sees this.

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