Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th October 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh lies to Saaransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh hurts Preesha and says from now on this is he is going to do with her and she was struggling to move from him. Saaransh who came there shockingly asks Rudraksh that why he was pulling Preesha’s hair. Rudraksh asks when he pulled her hair. Saaransh says he himself saw that Rudraksh was pulling his mother’s hair. Rudraksh doesn’t get it what to say and in confusion he says they were playing game.

Saaransh says he is kid but not dumb enough not understand what he was doing with Preesha. Rudraksh asks did Saaransh wants to hear the truth for that Saaransh nodded at him. He says there is big fight going on between them, Preesha was pretending to him that her hair was strong that’s why he was checking that. Preesha shockingly looks at Rudraksh.

Rudraksh tells her to check his hair, the way he did with her and says his hair is more stronger than hers. Preesha does what he said her to do and Rudraksh checks Saaransh’s hair and says his hair also seems strong but Preesha’s hair is weak. Saaransh says everyone’s hair is strong. Preesha agrees with him and says their family is strong and looks at him emotionally.

Gopal reaches his house and tells Vasudha that Rudraksh’s health condition improving. Society people comes there and gives a notice to them and says yesterday night Preesha and Rudraksh created drama and it affected everyone so they took this decision that they can’t stay in this building.

Gopal gets angry and asks who are they to tell him that who can stay in his house and who can’t. Society people says Gopal’s house is in their building so he has to agree with community’s order and they leaves from there.

Vasudha says so much happening between Rudraksh and Preesha and it may affect Saaransh and goes to see him. Saaransh gets worried seeing Rudraksh’s bandage and kisses him saying Preesha too kisses him whenever he is in pain. Rudraksh says his pain decreased with his kiss. Saaransh tells Preesha to kiss Rudraksh after all she too loves him so much. Rudraksh says Preesha doesn’t want to reduce his pain.

She was about to kiss him but stops hearing Mishka’s shout. Mishka was about to mention the legal papers but Rudraksh stops her and tells Ahana to take her outside. Ahana sees Saaransh and understood everything and takes Mishka outside with her. Ahana says Rudraksh doesn’t want Saaransh to know about the court order and if she wants to stay in Rudraksh’s good books then she has to do certain things.

Preesha gets to know that Saaransh came to the hospital alone and scolds him. Saaransh asks them to promise him that they will stay with him always. Neerja searches Rahul’s iPad in her house. Balraj yells at Preesha seeing her with Rudraksh. Rudraksh says she came for Saaransh and tells her to take him outside. He tells Balraj that Saaransh matters him.

Balraj says Preesha can’t enter Khurana house. Rudraksh says he himself doesn’t want her beside him. Hearing him Ahana smiles and asks what happened between them. Rudraksh says he just hates Preesha now that’s it. Ahana says Preesha can’t enter Khurana house then how they are going to handle Saaransh alone. Rudraksh says he will handle that. Balraj says he got his son back and hugs him.

Ahana tells Preesha about Rudraksh’s discharge. Mishka mocks Preesha saying she can’t enter Khurana house now. Preesha calls Vasudha and asks to take Saaransh with her. Rudraksh was about to slip seeing that Preesha tried to help him but Ahana stops her saying she should stay away from him. Preesha cries thinking how Saaransh will live without him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balraj says now Rudraksh will live his life without Preesha and Saaransh. Yuvraj tells Preesha to understand his love, that time Rudraksh comes there.

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