Yeh Hai Chahatein: Arjun and Kaashvi Part Ways Again, Arjun Determined to catch the Culprit

Yeh Hai Chahatein: Kaashvi and Aditya’s fake Marriage Truth out, Mahima to Exploit Karun

Star Plus’s show Yeh Hai Chahatein is soon going to witness many interesting twists and turns. The show is going to witness high voltage drama.

Arjun gets confused seeing Aditya lying on the sofa and then rescues him from there. They see that Karun is unconscious and admits him in the Hospital.

Kaashvi gets struck and asks Arjun to leave from there to which he tells her that he wants to Die with her if he can’t Live without her and they escape.

Kaashvi gets worried for Aditya and decides to go to him to check in him but Arjun stops her and takes her to get herself checked and treated.

Arjun Confesses his Love

Aditya then pretends to wake up from Coma where Kashvi comes to him and apologize to him. He hugs her which makes Arjun jealous. The Doctor says that it is a Miracle.

Kaashvi Apologise to him for doubting him and tells him that Mahesh and Shanti has done this because they thought they are reason for their Child’s Death.

Aditya tells her that he has thought them to be his Family members but they have betrayed him. He gets shocked knowing Shanti is still Alive.

Arjun and Kaashvi part ways again as Arjun accuses Kaashvi of taking away his Credit. He then determines to catch the Culprit who created misunderstanding. Kaashvi and Aditya’s fake Marriage Truth out as Kaashvi tells Arjun about it while Mahima decides to Exploit Karun.

What will happen Next?

Will Arjun and Kaashvi ReUnite?

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