Yeh Hai Chahatein: Revati to kidnap Gopal!

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Abrar Qazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra starrer Yeh Hai Chahatein is one of the top Star Plus show because of the interesting storyline. The twists and turns of the show have glued us to the screens. Revati arrests Yuvraj for the crimes she did so it will be intriguing to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Revati enters the house wearing mask and says that she gave poisonous ingredients to Priest and because of that smoke everyone fainted. She decides to separate Ruhi from Khuranas and picks Ruhi. Preesha stops her from taking Ruhi from there which shocks her. She reveals that how she got alerted seeing everyone coughing and called for medical help. Revati points gun at her and tells her that she don’t care about anything because she wants her to yearn for Ruhi like how she is yearning for Dev. Tarun brings Alia there. Revati hides the gun seeing Alia. Preesha takes Ruhi from Revati. Alia says that Preesha invited her to surprise Revati. She asks that what happened to others seeing their condition. Revati tells her that everyone fainted because they smelled smoke and she came to help them. Doctor comes there and Preesha gets medical help for everyone. Revati thinks that Preesha saved everyone but she won’t give up until she achieves her goal. Rudraksh asks that who is behind this. Revati says that she will catch the culprit. Preesha tries to tell the truth of Revati to Rudraksh but Revati interrupts and asks Rudraksh and Preesha to marry. Preesha decides to tell the truth to Rudraksh after marriage. Rudraksh and Preesha gets married. Later, Revati brings Yuvraj and says that it’s him who is behind the smoke attack. Yuvraj confesses that he is behind all the attacks. He thinks that Revati may succeed now but he will get benefits soon.

In the upcoming episode, Yuvraj will tell Preesha that his goal is ruining her and Rudraksh’s life. Revati will inform Preesha that she kidnapped Gopal.

Why Yuvraj taking all the blames? How Revati caught Yuvraj?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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