Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Armaan plans to ruin Rudraksh’s concert.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Rudraksh drags Preesha aside and talks about their fight night. Mr. Ahuja tells them that press conference going to begin. Rudraksh goes to call Saaransh and Anvi. Sania learns that Rudraksh going to Anvi and she pours water on Anvi’s dress deliberately and takes her to washroom. Rudraksh asks Armaan about Anvi and the latter lies to him. Press conference begins and Rudraksh reveals about his come back. Preesha informs them that she is excited for Rudraksh’s concert.
Media asks her that how she is feeling after finding Saaransh. She tells them that she feels complete after reuniting with Rudraksh and Saaransh. She talks about Anvi saying that Anvi was her strength in her difficult time and she feels blessed that she found Saaransh. Sania brings Anvi there and tells her that Preesha didn’t talk about her.

Rudraksh informs Preesha that he booked a room in resort for picnic. Next day, Rudraksh takes Preesha to a resort and tells her that now they are finally alone. He gets shocks seeing Khurana’s, Srinivasan’s and Thakur’s there. Preesha tells him that Sharda misunderstood about picnic plan so she invited Thakur’s and also her parents. She says to him that their first night will happen tonight for sure. She notices that Anvi is still angry and tries to convince her but she could not.
Rudraksh starts signing and Preesha dances with Anvi and Anvi also smiles. Armaan tells Saaransh to dance with Preesha. And Saaransh also goes to Rudraksh and asks him to sing their family song. Rudraksh sings their family song and Preesha dances with Saaransh which upsets Anvi so she leaves from there.

Then they plays basketball. Rudraksh and Preesha’s team wins and they celebrates it with Saaransh. Sania tells Anvi that Preesha forgot her. Armaan tells Anvi that she can live happily only if Saaransh dies then. One guy parks the car beside Anvi and puts the stone near tyre to stop the car from moving and he leaves from there. Anvi takes the stone so car starts moving towards Saaransh. Armaan and Sania notices that. Sharda saves Saaransh but injures herself. Everyone gets worried for Sharda.
Anvi decides to tell the truth to Preesha but Sania takes her from there. Khurana’s admits Sharda in the hospital. Preesha consoles Rudraksh. Armaan brings that car owner and Police takes the car owner for investigation.

Anvi dreams of Preesha disowning her and she cries hugging Sania. She tells Armaan that it was her mistake. Doctor informs Rudraksh that surgery is successful but the next 24 hours are critical for Sharda. Police inspector and Rudraksh checks the CCTV footage of resort and they sees car owner putting the stone to stop the car from moving and then footage gets stuck. Armaan recalls that how he deleted the remaining footage. Rudraksh checks the back door CCTV footage and he could not see Armaan’s face but he thinks that it could be Armaan.
After some time, Preesha informs Rudraksh that Armaan donated blood to Sharda. Rudraksh learns that Armaan was in the cafeteria of hospital till now. Preesha convinces Rudraksh to have food. Sharda’s vitals becomes unstable so Doctor treats her.

Digvijay calls Armaan and informs him that Sharda may die. And Armaan informs about it to Sania. Anvi hears him and asks him to take her to Preesha because she want to tell the truth to her. Sania and Armaan tries to stop her but Anvi runs from there. So Armaan chases her. Later, Doctor tells Rudraksh that now Sharda is out of danger. Rudraksh tells Preesha that Sharda suffering so much and he won’t leave the person who is responsible for this.
Anvi tells them that she is responsible for it. She reveals that she wanted to hurt Saaransh because Preesha forgot her from the time Saaransh returned. Preesha shatters hearing her and blames herself for not noticing the latter’s pain. Rudraksh decides to withdraw the case. Preesha takes Anvi to cafeteria. Rudraksh asks Armaan about CCTV footage. Armaan accepts that he deleted it for Anvi.

Rudraksh and Preesha brings Sharda home. Mr. Ahuja informs Rudraksh that his first concert going to happen in Shimla and it’s a one month tour. Rudraksh hesitates by thinking about Sharda. Sharda tells him that his fans are excited for his come back so he should not disappoint them and he agrees. Preesha drops Saaransh and Anvi in tution centre.
Few kids teases Anvi so Saaransh stops them. They mocks Saaransh and Anvi takes stand for Saaransh. Preesha smiles seeing that and recalls that how she asked those kids to tease Anvi. Later, Rudraksh asks Preesha that can she stay away from him for one month. She informs him that she is accompanying him and Vasudha staying in Khurana mansion to take care of Sharda and Saaransh. He gets excited and goes to thank Vasudha. She takes out her sexy night dress and Rudraksh sees it and teases her.

Meanwhile, Armaan reveals to Digvijay that he brought music lable to control Rudraksh. Next day, Rudraksh and Preesha reaches Shimla. They gets shocked seeing Armaan and Sania there. Sania tells them that they decided to give another chance to their relationship and Anvi staying in Khurana mansion. Mr. Ahuja takes Rudraksh with him for stage rehearsal. Armaan and Sania takes Preesha with them for sight seeing. Preesha thinks that Shimla is really beautiful but she is not able to enjoy anything without Rudraksh.
Meanwhile, Rudraksh could not concentrate on his rehearsal. Mr. Ahuja asks him that why the latter making mistakes. Rudraksh takes 10 minutes break and he thinks that he misses Preesha so much.

Sania refuses to visit hill top saying that she will feel dizzy. So Armaan takes Preesha to hill top to see sunset. He takes selfie with her and he goes to bring icecream and when he returns he could not find Preesha. Rudraksh smiles seeing Preesha in front of him and he hugs her. He tells her that he could not sing without her. She tells him that she missed him so much. Then he finishes his rehearsal. Armaan tells Sania that he will ruin the concert. She tells him that he invested a lot of money in this concert. He tells her that he don’t care about money. Preesha apologizes to Armaan for leaving without informing him.

In the upcoming episode, Armaan will spike Rudraksh’s juice.

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