Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update : Police arrests Preesha in Devika’s murder case?

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Devika searches nose ring in Preesha’s cupboard and shocks seeing Preesha, Rudraksh and Saaransh’s picture there and wonders that why Preesha is with Rudraksh and who is that kid. Sulochana compliments Rudraksh and they leaves for Thakur mansion.
Armaan asks Preesha that why she betrayed him and the latter reveals that Rudraksh is her ex husband. Devika overhears their conversation and lashes out at Preesha for deceiving them and accuses her saying that the latter just used them. She asks Armaan that why he is not saying anything after knowing Preesha’s real face too. He tells her that Rudraksh is also equally wrong and he reveals to Preesha that today morning he saw her hugging Rudraksh.

Devika asks Preesha that why the latter lied to them and why played with their feelings. Uncle wonders that what happened and welcomes Vasudha and Gopal. Preesha apologizes to Devika and tells that she didn’t played any game with them instead she hided the truth for their sake.
Devika tells her that she won’t accept the relationship which is based on betrayal and leaves from there. Devika’s friend sees Rudraksh who spiked Devika’s drink in Goa and he decides to confess his feelings to Devika to stop the marriage. Rudraksh hopes that Preesha will stop his marriage with Devika. Vasudha welcomes Rudraksh which surprises Khurana’s.

Armaan tells Preesha that he hates her so much and the latter apologizes to him and tells him that she can’t hurt him, Devika and Anvi and asks him to convince Devika for this marriage but he refuses and tells her that this marriage won’t happen.
She asks him to think about Devika because she loves Rudraksh so much and the latter tells her that still she and Rudraksh has feelings for each other so he don’t want Rudraksh to hurt Devika and it’s his final decision and warns her to not try to convince Devika. Sulochana and Sharda learns that Rudraksh and Preesha stayed together for 2 days.

Armaan calls off the marriage which shocks everyone. Then they gets to know that Devika committed suicide.

Armaan blames Rudraksh for Devika’s death and reveals that they knows that Rudraksh is Preesha’s ex husband. Police comes there for investigation. Sulochana defends Rudraksh. Uncle tells her that Devika got to know that Rudraksh betrayed her that’s why she took that drastic step and for that Rudraksh deserves to be in jail.
Sulochana blames Preesha and Uncle asks Police inspector to arrest both Rudraksh and Preesha. Armaan tries to say something but Uncle interrupts asking that how can the latter take Preesha’s side even knowing that what she did with Devika. Vasudha defends Preesha and Uncle learns that Preesha is Gopal and Vasudha’s daughter.

Police inspector takes Rudraksh and Preesha with him for investigation. In the Police station, Srinivasan’s and Khurana’s asks Police inspector to leave Preesha and Rudraksh.
Police inspector tells them that Rudraksh and Preesha are directly involved in Devika’s death so after investigation only he can decide anything. Rudraksh learns that how Devika got to know the truth and tells Preesha that she still loves him that’s why she had that picture with her and takes the blames to save Preesha.

Police inspector tells them to leave after investigation. Armaan comes to take Preesha and reminds Rudraksh that she is Anvi’s mother and his wife. Preesha agrees with him saying that she can’t leave Anvi and leaves with Armaan.

Uncle scolds Armaan for bringing Preesha home. Preesha consoles Anvi. Then she apologizes to Armaan saying that she should not have hided her past. He tells her that he is ready to forgive her if she returns Devika then and tells her that she will stay in this house as Anvi’s mother that’s it.
Sharda tells Rudraksh to not blame himself for Devika’s death and asks him that why he stayed with Preesha for 2 days. He reveals that how he met Ahana, Mishka and how he and Preesha tried to find out Saaransh thinking that he is alive and cries.

Next day, Police inspector reveals that Devika didn’t commit suicide but someone murdered her and they found skin in Devika’s nail. Forensic team collects everyone’s DNA sample. Armaan wonders that who murdered Devika and leaves from there saying that he want to stay alone.
But Preesha follows him and tries to console him. He asks her to not show fake concern towards him because if she didn’t hide the truth then Devika must be alive now and asks her to not act like innocent in front of him. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha is not acting and asks him to find the murderer of Devika instead of blaming her and they starts fighting with each other.

Preesha defends Rudraksh which angers Uncle so he asks her to live with Rudraksh. Gopal gets ready to take Preesha with him. Anvi stops Preesha saying that she won’t let her go anywhere. Preesha promises her that she won’t go anywhere and hugs her.
Rudraksh returns the rent house key to Broker and he sees Ahana, Mishka and asks them that what are they doing in India when they should be in London now. Ahana lies to him that Krishna isn’t well so she postponed the trip and recalls that how her Lawyer informed her that he need more time to finish her work.

Rudraksh reaches Thakur mansion to return Preesha’s stuff. Police inspector arrives there and reveals that evidence proves that it’s Preesha who murdered Devika. Rudraksh defends Preesha. Armaan tells Police inspector that Preesha didn’t met Devika so the latter misunderstood.
Preesha accepts that she met Devika and she even convinced her but Devika refused to marry Rudraksh and asked water so she left the room to bring water and when she returned everything finished. Uncle refuses to believe her and tells her that she is the one who met Devika at last and Police has evidence against her which proves that she is Devika’s murderer.

Bunty learns that Rudraksh is in Thakur’s mansion and he informs about it to Sulochana and Sharda. Police inspector orders Constable to arrest Preesha. Preesha tells him that she is an innocent. He tells her that she is the main suspect of this murder case.
Rudraksh tells him that Preesha didn’t murder Devika and he knows that how much she loved Devika and the latter asks him to not interfere. Sulochana asks Rudraksh to not interfere because Police has evidence against Preesha. Anvi asks Preesha to don’t go anywhere and Uncle picks the former and goes inside.

Police arrests Preesha and takes her to jail and Rudraksh meets her there and tells her that he will prove her innocence. Then he informs Bunty that he needs Thakur mansion’s CCTV footage to find out the real murderer. Disguised Bunty gets CCTV footage from Security guard by tricking him and Rudraksh learns that Devika’s friend came for marriage and decides to find him.

In the upcoming episode, Police inspector will refuse to grant a bail for Preesha. Preesha will reveal to Armaan that Rudraksh found the real murderer of Devika.

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