Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Preesha chooses Armaan over Rudraksh.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Vasudha tells Preesha that now the latter should make a decision. She asks her to not meet Rudraksh again and she reminds her that how Rudraksh hurted her always. She tells her that Armaan loves her and her fate gave another chance and only Armaan deserves her love not Rudraksh. She asks her to choose Armaan. Later Preesha tells Armaan that she can’t act as his wife anymore and asks him to marry her. He asks her that is she sure about it. She tells him that she want to live forgetting Rudraksh and she want to become Anvi’s mother. He agrees to marry her and hugs her. Digvijay smiles. Rudraksh reveals to Sharda that Saraansh is alive and also about Sania and Ahana’s blackmail.

Other side, Gopal’s society people throws Gopal out of the house saying that he don’t deserve to live in their society. Armaan and Preesha defends Gopal. They takes Gopal and Vasudha to Thakur mansion. Ahana asks Sania to not expect any help from her. Sania plans to betray her because for her benefit Rudraksh should get Saaransh. Ahana plans to leave India in 3 days and thinks that after that Sania can’t blackmail her with her big secret. Other side, Armaan informs Digvijay that Preesha’s parents going to live with them from now on. Gopal learns about Armaan and Preesha’s marriage and he talks about Rudraksh. Vasudha and Preesha asks him to not talk about Rudraksh.

Later Gopal reveals about Preesha and Armaan’s fake marriage to Rudraksh and Sharda. He also informs them that Preesha decided to marry Armaan in 3 days. Rudraksh tells him that this marriage won’t happen and he will find Saaransh too no matter what. Preesha and Rudraksh misses each other. After some time, Preesha picks up Anvi from tuition centre and she sees Krishna there. She informs Krishna’s Nanny Rosy that she is taking Krishna her home and she asks her to inform about it to Ahana. Ahana learns that Krishna is with Preesha and asks Sania to help her. She asks Sania to make sure that Rudraksh don’t see her when she reaches Thakur mansion to pick up Krishna. Sania asks her to wait for the message.

Anvi plays with Krishna. Krishna asks for choco chip cookies and Preesha remembers that, that’s Saaransh’s favorite too. Meanwhile Rudraksh informs Sania about Preesha and Armaan’s fake marriage. He asks her to go to Armaan and he will bring Preesha home. She reminds him about Saaransh. He tells her that she should bring Saaransh to him and also reveals that their marriage is fake so no need of divorce too. He informs her that Preesha decided to marry Armaan in 3 days so he should find Saaransh before that. Ahana calls Preesha then she takes Krishna with her.

Later, Sania meets Armaan and tells him everything. He recalls that how he met her on Preesha and Rudraksh’s date night and also how she agreed to separate Preesha and Rudraksh to get his London house. Sania tells him that she loves Rudraksh and she can’t see him with Preesha. Armaan tells her that, that’s why the latter tried to kill Preesha. He recalls that how he met her on Preesha’s accident day and warned her to stay away from Preesha and suggested her to use Preesha’s parents to separate Rudraksh and Preesha. He comes to reality and learns about Rudraksh and Sania’s fake marriage. She tells him that Rudraksh planning to find Saaransh in 3 days to stop the marriage. He tells her that Rudraksh should not get Saaransh.

Later Anvi gets excited learning about Armaan and Preesha’s marriage. Sania asks Ahana to disappear for a while. Rudraksh meets Preesha and tells her that she didn’t invite him for her marriage because she knows that he is her weakness. She tells him that she won’t change her decision of marrying Armaan. He asks her that why she didn’t marry Armaan earlier. She tells him that she realized that only Armaan can keep her happy that’s why she is marrying him now. After some time, Sania tells Rudraksh that she is going to meet Ahana. Preesha picks up Anvi from tuition centre. She tells Rosy that she will take Krishna for ice cream treat and the latter can join too. She takes Anvi and Krishna for ice cream treat.

Sania reaches Ahana’s house and asks her to leave. Mishka informs her that they are waiting for Krishna. Preesha notices that Krishna eating ice cream like Saaransh. She thinks that Krishna’s behaviour reminds her of Saaransh that’s why she is getting attached to her. Rosy takes Krishna from there. Later Preesha’s haldi ceremony begins. Rudraksh attends it and applies haldi on Preesha. Armaan stops Digvijay from calling the Security guard.

Sania informs Rudraksh that she found Saaransh’s location and asks him to reach there. He reaches there and finds Sania in unconscious state and splashes water on her face. She informs him that Ahana got to know about her betrayal so escaped with Saaransh. She reveals that she put tracker in Ahana’s mobile and they reaches Shimla by tracking Ahana’s mobile location. Preesha doubts her decision and Vasudha asks her to not rethink. Rudraksh and Sania finds Ahana’s mobile in tempo and searches her there.

Next day, Preesha’s Mehndi ceremony gets over. She goes to drop Anvi in the tuition centre. Rudraksh searches Ahana in Shimla. Sania acts like searching Ahana. Preesha drops Anvi in the tuition centre and she waits to see Krishna. Rosy asks her to not talk to Krishna because Ahana told her that she should not let anyone meet Krishna. Other side, Rudraksh tells Sania that he don’t think that Ahana is in Shimla so they should return to Delhi. She tells him that she is really tired and asks him to bring water for her. Once he leaves, she puncture’s the car. So Rudraksh book a cab to reach Delhi.

Meanwhile Rosy and Preesha learns that Krishna is missing and they searches her. They gets to know that Krishna is locked in a washroom and Preesha rescues the latter. Sania spikes the water and gives it to Rudraksh. He feels dizzy after drinking it and then he loses his consciousness. Sania asks the driver to take them to the hotel. Later, Preesha dreams about Rudraksh so she could not hear her room door knocking sound. Vasudha gets worried so Armaan opens the door by using the spare key. Preesha comes to the reality and lies to Vasudha that she was in the washroom. Sania makes Rudraksh lay on the bed and thinks that Rudraksh can’t stop the marriage.

In the upcoming episode, Preesha’s confession will surprise Armaan. Sania will challenge Rudraksh to stop the marriage if he can then. Priest will ask Preesha and Armaan to stand for ‘pheres’.

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