Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Preesha exposes Rakesh’s crimes.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Revati arrests Rudraksh and Preesha for questioning. Preesha asks Sharda to stay with kids. Media reporters questions Rudraksh and Preesha. They reports Rudraksh and Preesha’s arrest. Saaransh and Ruhi gets shocked watching the news. Sharda reaches the house and consoles the kids. Rudraksh asks Preesha to not say anything because police will use their conversation against them. They gets shocked seeing Sharda and kids there. Rudraksh tells Revati that she is a police commissioner that’s not mean that she can bring kids there. Revati reveals about Shruti’s statement and says that kids are involved in this case so she can question them. Rudraksh tells her that she can’t do that. She tells him that he can’t stop her and he is not above the law.

After some time, Ruhi lies to Revati that she didn’t go to the terrace because on her way she fell down. She recalls that how Rudraksh instructed them. Saaransh lies to Revati that he found Ruhi before reaching the terrace so he didn’t go to the terrace. Preesha tells Revati that she was with the latter only that time to show Dev’s confession video. Rudraksh tells Revati that he sent kids with Sharda and he don’t know anything about Dev’s murder. Police inspector tells Revati that Khuranas telling the same thing so the latter must have misunderstood them. Police beat Rudraksh up in front of Khuranas.

Ruhi says that she will tell the truth. Revati takes Ruhi alone and questions her. Ruhi tells her everything which happened in the terrace that night. Meanwhile, Rudraksh learns that Ruhi is with Revati and gets worried. Preesha clicks Rudraksh’s picture and shows it to Media reporters. She tells them that police don’t have any proof against Rudraksh still they arrested him in Dev’s murder case and Revati is behind all this. She adds that police even arrested her kids and torturing them. Constable tells Revati that her higher officer calling her. Revati goes to her higher officer’s cabin. He shows Preesha’s interview to her. She tells him that Preesha doing this to save Rudraksh who killed Dev. He asks her that if she has any proof to prove her claims. She tells him that she can make Khuranas confess the truth.

Revati takes Ruhi to Khuranas and informs them that Ruhi told everything. Rudraksh tells her that Dev stepped on the marbles and fell from the terrace so it was an accident and he tried to save Dev but failed. Police inspector gives forensic report to Revati and says that Dev died because someone strangled him which shocks everyone. Revati asks Forensic officer to find fingerprints. She says that it’s Rudraksh who must have strangled Dev. She adds that Rudraksh’s confession makes him as prime suspect in this case so she is arresting him. She shows the button which have been found in Dev’s hand. Preesha tells her that, that button don’t belongs to Rudraksh. But Revati refuses to believe her. Police takes Rudraksh from there. Preesha tells herself that she will find out Dev’s murderer.

Next day, Revati receives fingerprints report and learns that they could not find about murderer. Rakesh gets shocked seeing Nalini in his house. She informs him that she is pregnant. And he asks her to abort the child which shocks her. She threatens to expose him so he gives money to her and throws her out of the house. Preesha asks God to help her to find Dev’s murderer. She finds Nalini crying outside the temple. She learns that Nalini is single but pregnant and the father refused to accept the child. Nalini is about to tell Rakesh’s name but a truck hits her. Preesha admits Nalini in the hospital and gives statement to police about an accident. She notices Nalini’s jacket and realises that Nalini’s jacket button is similar to the one which is found in Dev’s hand.

After some time, Preesha finds Nalini’s mobile. She picks Nalini’s mother call and reaches her house. She informs her about Nalini’s accident. Nalini’s mother talks about Nalini’s boyfriend. And shows Rakesh’s picture to her saying that he is Nalini’s boyfriend. Preesha gets shocked learning about Rakesh’s extramarital affair. She consoles her and leaves from there. She informs Rudraksh everything. He asks her to be careful because he doesn’t want to live in guilt. She tells him that he will be released soon. She follows truck driver’s wife and sees her entering the school.

Later, Preesha gives an interview about Nalini’s death. She says that Doctors saved Nalini’s child so they can find the child’s father. Revati and Rakesh watches the news. Rakesh sneak into the hospital to steal Nalini’s DNA sampling. Preesha catches him red-handed. She recalls that how she confronted truck driver’s wife and learnt that Rakesh hired truck driver to kill Nalini. She confronts him. He tells her that she don’t have any proof against him and Nalini is not alive too. Nalini comes there. He gets shocked seeing her alive. He recalls that how he saw Nalini with Preesha and hired truck driver to kill Nalini saying that it should looks like an accident.

Preesha tells him that she lied about Nalini’s death to catch him red-handed. She adds that now she is sure that it’s him who killed Dev. He asks her that why will he kill Dev. She reveals that fingerprints were found in Dev’s neck. She shows the button and says that it was found in Dev’s hand and Nalini was wearing this jacket. So police can easily find out that who is the killer between Nalini and Rakesh. Nalini tells her that Rakesh killed Dev because Dev got to know about their affair and blackmailed Rakesh. She adds that Dev misbehaved with her so Rakesh slapped him and Dev decided to tell the truth to Revati.

Rakesh tells Preesha that he found Dev back side school and killed him to stop him from telling the truth to Revati. Preesha says that she recorded his confession. He points gun at her and says that he won’t leave Nalini too. Revati points gun at him and snatches his gun from him. She tells him that she is arresting him for killing Dev. Police arrests Rakesh. Rakesh gets sentenced to death punishment for killing Dev. Rudraksh and Preesha consoles Revati who is feeling loneliness. Rudraksh asks her to move on in her life with Alia. Revati informs them that she sent Alia to her grandparents house.

Later, Revati talks to Dev’s picture and cuts her wrist. Rudraksh learns about it. He takes Preesha to the hospital. Doctor informs them that Revati is in depression that’s why she took this decision. Revati wakes up. Preesha tells her to stay with them in the Khurana mansion. Rudraksh and Preesha go out to talk to Nurse about Revati’s medicines. Doctor asks Revati to be careful or else Preesha may learn about their lie. Revati tells him that Khuranas have no idea that what she is going to do with them by staying with them in the Khurana mansion.

Ruhi learns about Rudraksh and Preesha’s marriage anniversary from Sharda. She asks Rudraksh and Preesha to remarry. Preesha agrees but Rudraksh refuses. Revati understands that not everything is fine between Rudraksh and Preesha. Later, she convinces Rudraksh for remarriage. Rudraksh announces that he will remarry Preesha which makes Ruhi happy. Revati thinks that she will snatch everything from Preesha.

In the upcoming episode, Revati will collect information about Preesha’s family. Rudraksh will select Preesha’s engagement outfit. Revati plan to ruin the engagement.

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