Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Preesha recognizes Rudraksh’s voice.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with  one guy tries to snatch Pihu’s purse from her. Vidyut comes there and helps Pihu. She thanks him. He offers lift but she refuses. In the hotel, Ruhi spots Preesha and follows her. Rudraksh follows Ruhi but his fans stops him and takes selfie with him. Ruhi calls Preesha and the latter turns around and gets confused seeing Ruhi. Pihu tells Preesha that they are getting late for shopping and they leaves from there. Ruhi gets shocked with Preesha’s behaviour. Rudraksh spots Armaan. Armaan also notices Rudraksh and he hides from him. Rudraksh asks Ruhi that what is the latter doing in the parking area. Ruhi lies to him that she came meet her friend. He asks her to not go anywhere alone. Pihu informs Preesha that how Vidyut saved her from theif. Preesha gets worried and tells her that the latter should not go to college alone.

Ruhi tells Saaransh that how she saw Preesha in the hotel and how Preesha ignored her. She cries asking that if Preesha forgot her. He tells her that Preesha would not have saw her. She informs him that tomorrow Preesha attending a party. They decides to meet Preesha in the party. Meanwhile, Preesha tells Pihu that she saw a kid in the parking area and felt some connection. Rudraksh scolds Private investigator Anil for not giving any information about Preesha yet. He asks him to find out that why Armaan returned to Delhi and where is he staying now. Armaan tells Preesha that they should return to Mumbai. But Preesha refuses and informs him about theft incident. She adds that they can’t leave Pihu alone. Anil tells Rudraksh that Armaan staying in the Cupola hotel with his family. He informs him about the party which Armaan going to attend tomorrow. Rudraksh realises that he is also invited for that party and he decides to attend that party.

Next day, Saaransh tells Ruhi that they have to attend the party after school. He asks her to take dress to wear for party. She nods at him. Preesha gets ready for the party. Armaan helps her. He tells her that he loves her so much and his love won’t decrease just because they can’t get physical so she need not to feel bad. She thanks him for understanding her. She asks him to not touch her because she don’t want to become violent and hurt him. Pihu comes there wearing same dress like Preesha. Armaan informs them that he bought a house in Delhi so they can shift there tomorrow. In the party venue, Rudraksh asks Vidyut to not create any problem. Vanshika gives mask to him. Anil disguises as Waiter and informs Rudraksh that Armaan came with his family. Thakkurs enters the party venue wearing mask. Armaan dances with Pihu. Rudraksh thinks that Armaan dancing with Preesha. He follows Pihu and removes her mask. She yells at him. She thinks that she is glad that now Preesha is in the washroom. He apologizes to her.

Armaan comes there. Rudraksh holds his collar saying that he want to talk to him. Armaan sends Pihu inside. Rudraksh beat Armaan up and asks him about Preesha’s whereabouts. Armaan asks him that how he knows about Preesha. He says that he left for US for his treatment and he returned to Delhi for Pihu’s sake. Rudraksh says that he won’t leave him if he got to know that his US story is fake then and leaves from there. Saaransh and Ruhi spots Preesha and moves towards her. But Pihu takes Preesha from there. Vanshika takes Rudraksh to the dance floor. Pihu dances with Raj and Vidyut. Armaan sees that Preesha is going to dance with Rudraksh because of partner swapping so he pushes someone to divert everyone attention and he drags Preesha from there. He lies to her that he is feeling uneasy. She tells him that they should return to hotel. Pihu says that they can leave after having dinner and takes Preesha from there.

Rudraksh tells Anil that Preesha is not with Armaan but he thinks that Armaan knows Preesha’s whereabouts. Kids spots Preesha again. But Preesha ignores them and she has dinner with Pihu which shocks kids. Kids escapes from there seeing Security guard searching them. Anil spots Preesha with Pihu in the party. Armaan tells Digvijay that Rudraksh confronted him. He adds that because of mask Rudraksh did not see Preesha yet. Digvijay says that if Rudraksh got to know that Preesha is there then it will be a big problem. Armaan goes to Preesha and sees Anil clicking Preesha’s photos. Ruhi tells Saaransh that Preesha forgot them. Saaransh wipes out her tears and he says that Preesha did so much for them because she loves them so much. He adds that there must be some reason behind Preesha’s behaviour. Vanshika sees them and asks them that what are they doing there. Saaransh lies to her that they came to attend his friend’s birthday party. He takes Ruhi from there.

Mr. Oberoi thanks Rudraksh for attending the party. Mr. Oberoi’s daughter requests Rudraksh to sing a song. Rudraksh nods at her. Armaan kidnaps Anil and learns that Anil working for Rudraksh. He deletes Preesha’s photos from Anil’s phone. Armaan’s guys takes Anil from there. Rudraksh sings a song. Preesha hears him and she says that this voice sounds familiar. She sees him and gets angry and faints. Rudraksh moves towards Preesha but Armaan takes Preesha from there. Preesha’s duppata falls on Rudraksh. Rudraksh sees Pihu. He says that he felt Preesha’s presence but why he is seeing Pihu. He calls Anil but no response from other side. Ruhi asks Saaransh that how can Preesha fail to recognize her own kids. Saaransh tells her that maybe Preesha don’t want them to tell Rudraksh about her. They decides to wait outside the hotel to meet Preesha.

Pihu learns that Preesha saw Rudraksh in the party. Armaan tells her that Rudraksh did not saw Preesha and Rudraksh can go any extend to torture Preesha that’s why he did not wanted to send Preesha to Delhi. She apologizes to him and says that she will send Preesha to Mumbai as soon as possible. Next day, Thakkurs leaves the hotel and kids comes there and waits outside to meet Preesha. Rudraksh gets ready and notices that one button is missing from his shirt. He recalls that how he removed his shirt buttons to spend time with Preesha and she understood his plan and taught him to stitch buttons. Vanshika informs Rudraksh that they have to sign contract with Mr. Oberoi today. She offers to stitch his buttons but he refuses saying that his wife taught him. Thakkurs enters their new house. Preesha leaves for shopping. Pihu and Vidyut gives audition to perform in Romeo Juliet play. Preesha selects shirts for Armaan. Vanshika and Rudraksh enters that store. Preesha and Vanshika goes to trial room. Rudraksh notices the shirts which Preesha selected for Armaan.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will throw duppata in Preesha’s trail room to help her. Preesha will decide to thank him. She will learn that Rudraksh bought the shirts which she selected for Armaan. She will try to stop Rudraksh. Other side, Security guard will question the kids.

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