Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Preesha slaps Rudraksh.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Armaan asks Sania about Anvi and the latter asks him that why he is asking her about Anvi. He shows the letter to her and she reads it and tells him that she didn’t write this. Rudraksh tells Armaan that Sania don’t have any relationship with Anvi then why she will do this. Preesha reveals that Sania is Anvi’s mother and Armaan’s ex wife. She tells Armaan that Anvi is safe and the letter is written by her. She says to Rudraksh that his shocking face tells that he also don’t know about this. He tells her that he loves the present Sania and he don’t care about Sania’s past. Later, Rudraksh asks Sania that how can she use him for her revenge. She tells him that she wants to take revenge on Armaan because he gave her place to Preesha.

Next day, Preesha hires Goons to misbehave with her in front of Rudraksh. Rudraksh beats those Goons and they runs from there. She tells him that he saved her because he loves her. He tells her that he would have done this for any girl and leaves from there. Goons returns and Preesha gives money to them. Sania witnesses everything. Preesha goes to pick up Anvi from tuition centre. Sania follows her and hits Preesha’s car. Nanny calls Armaan and informs him about car accident. Then she admits Preesha in the city hospital. Armaan comes there and asks Doctor about Preesha’s condition. Doctor informs him that there are no major injuries and so the latter can take Preesha home.

Meanwhile Rudraksh sees Preesha’s saree and recalls that how he gifted that saree to her and how she wore it for him even though she didn’t like that saree. Sania informs him that Ahana want to talk to him and they reaches somewhere and finds pendrive there. Ahana asks Rudraksh to complete the task by defaming Gopal’s character to reach Saaransh. Gopal meets Preesha and learns about Sania’s past. Armaan assures him that he will take care of Preesha and the latter tells him that he believes him. Rudraksh tells Sania that he will complete the task and he meets Gopal in the bar. Gopal tells Rudraksh that Preesha thinks that Sania blackmailing the latter.

Rudraksh tells Gopal everything from fake marriage to Saaransh being alive. He says to him that he can’t tell about it to Preesha because if he did then Sania won’t tell him about Saaransh. Gopal asks him that why the latter wanted to meet. Rudraksh informs him about Ahana’s task and splashes alcohol on him and asks him to act like the latter is drunk. He goes out to attend the call and Gopal drinks water. Then Gopal leaves the bar. Rudraksh hopes that everything will happen according to his plan. Gopal feels dizzy and loses his consciousness. Sania takes him to Chameli and she recalls that how she overheard Rudraksh and Gopal’s conversation in the bar and also how she spiked Gopal’s water. She gives money to Chameli and Chameli takes Gopal to his house.

Rudraksh celebrates wedding anniversary with Preesha thinking that she will become sad after knowing about Gopal’s matter. Chameli screams and everyone comes out. Vasudha shocks seeing Gopal’s condition. Chameli tells them that Gopal is her customer but he didn’t give money to her yet. Gopal’s neighbor calls the Police. Vasudha tries to stop him saying that Chameli lying. Preesha learns about Gopal’s arrest and she informs about it to Rudraksh. They are about to leave from there but Sania stops them and taunts Preesha for celebrating wedding anniversary with her husband. Rudraksh tells her that Gopal is in problem and leaves from there with Preesha. They reaches the Police station and Vasudha informs Preesha everything.

Rudraksh asks Gopal that what happened to the latter when he was fine in the bar. Preesha hears him and asks him to admit the truth. Sania says to her that she will tell her. Rudraksh tells Preesha that Ahana forced him to defame Gopal’s character and Saaransh is alive and he fake married Sania for Saaransh. Preesha slaps Sania and asks her about Saaransh. Sania tells Rudraksh that now he won’t get to know about Saaransh and it turns out to be Rudraksh’s dream. Sania informs Armaan about Gopal’s arrest. Armaan reaches the Police station and defends Gopal. Chameli tells them that she has an evidence to prove her claims and takes them to one hotel.

Receptionist and Waiter gives statement against Gopal. Sania recalls that how she gave money to Receptionist to lie about Gopal. Police inspector tells Preesha that all the evidence are against Gopal and suggests her to get bail for Gopal tomorrow. Vasudha cries saying that Gopal is innocent. Armaan consoles her. Preesha learns that Sania informed Armaan about Gopal’s arrest. Later, Rudraksh tells Sania that he completed Ahana’s task so now he wants Saaransh’s information. She says to him that Ahana will answer him for this. Then she talks to Ahana and asks her to do something.

Next day, Digvijay learns about Gopal’s arrest and badmouths Gopal and taunts Preesha. Armaan defends Gopal and tells Preesha that he will get bail for Gopal. Sania gives Ahana’s pendrive to Rudraksh. He gets emotional hearing Saaransh’s voice. Ahana tells him that he should not let Gopal get bail and that’s his send task. Vasudha sells her jewels to arrange money for Gopal’s bail. Rudraksh steals Vasudha’s money and because of his helmet, she could not see his face. Vasudha picks Preesha’s call and informs her that she sold her jewels to arrange money for Gopal’s bail but someone stole it.

Preesha asks her that why the latter left the house. Vasudha tells her that she heard Digvijay’s talks and she didn’t want to trouble anyone. Armaan asks her to reach the Police station saying that he talked to the Lawyer about Gopal’s bail. Sania meets Ahana and asks her to do something saying that Rudraksh should regret for betraying her. Gopal hides the truth from everyone for Saaransh’s sake. They learns that Sharda got Gopal’s bail. Sharda recalls that how Rudraksh gave money to her for bail and told her to not inform about it to Preesha. Preesha tells her that she knows that Rudraksh send the latter. They reaches Khurana mansion.

Sania shows bar video to Preesha and tells her that Rudraksh send Gopal to Police station. She shows Rudraksh’s bike too. Vasudha realizes that it’s Rudraksh who stole money from her and she informs about it to Preesha. They questions Rudraksh. He tells Preesha that he did this to prove that he don’t care about her and her family but just loves Sania. She slaps him. Vasudha cuts all ties with him.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will say to Sharda about Saaransh. Preesha will ask Armaan to marry her.

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