Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Rudraksh regrets for mistrusting Preesha.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Preesha wakes up in the middle of the night because of hunger. She wonders that where Rudraksh went and goes outside hearing noise from there. She gets surprised seeing panipuri and ice cream stall there. Kids says that now Rudraksh won’t disturb them and goes inside to sleep. Rudraksh asks Preesha about his surprise. She gets emotional and hugs him. He tells her that they should not fight for others. In the 9th month, Rudraksh and Preesha completes their lamaze classes. Trainer praises Rudraksh which makes him happy. Sharda informs Preesha and Rudraksh about Preesha’s baby shower ceremony. Later, Preesha cries that she became fat and she is not able to do anything. So Rudraksh consoles her and compliments her too.

Preesha’s baby shower ceremony begins. Revati reminds her about the deal. Malti takes Preesha to her room. She says that she knows Revati’s true face. She adds that they will hide the latter’s baby and lie to Revati that the baby born dead. Preesha hugs her and thanks her. She gets labour pain. Malti calls Revati and sends her out of the house by lying that she needs her help. She informs Khuranas about Preesha’s labour pain. Khuranas admits Preesha in the hospital. Rudraksh vomits because of food poisoning so Khuranas admits him in the hospital too. Nurse informs Sharda that it will take time for Preesha’s delivery so Sharda leaves for house with kids.

Preesha gives birth to a baby boy. She makes her baby wear the evil eyes off chain which Rudraksh gifted her. Malti tells her that she arranged for baby’s dead body and takes the baby to hide. Rudraksh wakes up and learns that Preesha gave birth to a baby boy and he can’t see them now because he is infected. Revati asks Preesha about baby. Preesha lies to her that baby born dead. Revati refuses to believe her. So Malti takes her to baby’s dead body. Revati tells Preesha that the latter snatched Dev from her again. She adds that God punished Khuranas. She curses them and says that she don’t want to see them and leaves from there. Preesha thanks Malti.

Next day, Preesha searches Malti and her baby. Meanwhile, Malti gives Preesha’s baby to Revati. Revati thanks her and praises her acting. Malti tells Revati that how she spiked Rudraksh’s water so he does not get a chance to stay with Preesha. Revati tells her that she got what she wanted and now it’s her partner’s turn. Armaan comes there and congratulates Revati. He recalls that how Revati called him to India and made a deal with him. He says that he knows that Preesha won’t trust him easily because of his past record that’s why he prepared a fake report. He adds that he did not wanted to involve Anvi in all this so he did not bring Anvi to Delhi. He praises Malti for gaining Preesha’s trust. Revati says that she has to leave before Rudraksh gets to know the truth and leaves from there.

In the hospital, Preesha informs Rudraksh about Revati’s actions. He yells at her for hiding the truth from him once again. He says that she choosed Saaransh over their baby. Saaransh hears that and cries. He thinks that he is not real son for Rudraksh and leaves from there. Rudraksh tells Preesha that he lost his son because of her. She asks him to stop talking nonsense because she also lost her son. He asks her that how can she trust Malti over him. She reminds him that she asked him to not trust Revati but he did not listen her. He tells her that she is not good mother neither good wife. She tells him that he said that he will trust her but he is not even ready to listen her. She is also human being and she can’t tolerate anymore.

Rudraksh tells her that because of her he lost Ruhi five years back and now he lost his son. She tells him that he should blame Revati because it’s her who stole their baby. He asks her that if she has any proof that Revati took their baby. He adds that there is a possibility that Preesha made a deal with Armaan. She tells him that everything is over between them if he don’t trust her then. And he lost as a husband and asks him to leave. He leaves the room. He reaches Khurana mansion and tells everything to Sharda. She scolds him for not supporting Preesha when she needed him the most. He realises his mistake and decides to apologize to Preesha. Gopal comes there and tells Khuranas that Revati kidnapped him.

Meanwhile, Preesha thinks that Rudraksh was right in his place. And he was not angry but upset. She decides to apologize to him and search their baby together. Armaan comes there and injects Preesha. She loses her consciousness. He keeps a letter there and takes Preesha from there. Rudraksh finds that letter and reads it. He cries thinking that Preesha left him. One year later, Preesha lives with Armaan as his wife. Meanwhile, Ruhi helps Rudraksh to get ready. Armaan and Preesha attends the guests. Digvijay and his wife Kanchan comes there. Digvijay’s daughter Pihu and Preesha talks about a secret. Guests talks about Rudraksh and his concert. Preesha hears that and gets angry. She slaps the Maid unnecessarily and she faints. Armaan takes her upstairs. Digvijay handles the guests.

Later, Preesha wakes up. Armaan mixes some powder in Preesha’s water and gives it to her. He thinks that this powder only erasing her memory. She tells Armaan that she hates Rudraksh for what he did with her. Meanwhile, Vanshika joins Rudraksh for a bike race and wins it. Rudraksh tells her that the latter cheated and reminds her that he is her boss. She tells him that today she is not his manager neither his friend and leaves from there. Rudraksh tells everything to Ruhi. She asks him to accept that he can’t win against Vanshika. Armaan tells Digvijay that he and Preesha loved in the college and when they were about to marry Rudraksh took his place and married Preesha by deceiving them. Preesha gets a glimpse of a man beating a women.

Other side, Rudraksh talks to Preesha’s picture and regrets for leaving her alone that day in the hospital and falls asleep. Ruhi enters Rudraksh’s room and removes his shoes and puts blanket on him. She looks at Preesha’s picture tells her that she is handling Rudraksh because the latter is not here. She asks her to return because everyone missing her so much. Saaransh also misses Preesha and asks her to return. Digvijay and Armaan discuss about Preesha’s attacks. And how they made Preesha believe that Rudraksh used to beat her up and tried to molest her and even tried to kill her by showing a morphed video. Next day, Pihu tells Thakkurs that she got admission in Delhi college. Preesha says that she will accompany Pihu but Armaan opposes. Digvijay asks Pihu to go to Delhi with Kanchan. Preesha apologizes to the Maid. Pihu asks her to help in packing.

In the upcoming episode, Kanchan tells Preesha that it’s not easy for her to go to Delhi and stay with Pihu until she settles there. Pihu says that it would have been good if Preesha can accompany her then. Other side, Sharda reminds Rudraksh to go the college for orientation. Armaan tells Digvijay that Preesha is in the college which Rudraksh going to visit. He adds that he did so much to separate them and he won’t let them reunite.

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