Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Ruhi lies about her memory loss.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Kanchan praises Rudraksh’s work. Rudraksh tries to wash his hand and Preesha helps him. He thinks that after a year she saw him without hatred and anger. At night, Rudraksh talks to kids about his first day at work. Kids warns him to be careful because Armaan is really smart.

Rudraksh assures them that he is handling everything. He removes his make-up and he falls asleep. Next day, Kanchan Knocks the outhouse door. Rudraksh gets ready in hurry and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing rat and she tells about it to him.

He gets scared and jumps on her. He asks her to save him from rat. She laughs at him. Digvijay gets angry seeing that. He scolds Rudraksh and the latter explains the matter. Kanchan asks Digvijay to not scold Rudraksh. Rudraksh apologizes to Digvijay. Kanchan asks Rudraksh to handle the garden and leaves for kitty party. Armaan and Digvijay leaves for office.

Rudraksh thinks that Pihu left for college too. He sneak into Preesha’s room and searches Preesha’s medicine. Preesha sees him and questions him. He shows balm to her saying that he came to take this. She makes servant apply balm on Rudraksh’s back.

Rudraksh gets shocked seeing servant applying balm. Preesha asks him to take rest. He thinks that his dream has been shattered. He learns that Armaan and Preesha don’t share a room. He thinks that Preesha did not change even though she has no memories.

In the college, Raj and Pihu practice together. Vidyut suggests them to dance while singing. Pihu liked that idea. Raj says that he don’t know to dance. She tells him that she will teach him dance and leaves from there.

Raj asks Vidyut that why the latter doing all this. Vidyut tells him that he has changed. He says that if Rudraksh don’t have any problem with their friendship then why should he have a problem.

Meanwhile, Ruhi meets Rudraksh and feeds him. Armaan spots Rudraksh’s car outside his house. He learns about Ruhi’s arrival from security guard. He asks Preesha that where is Ruhi. Preesha tells him that she did not see Ruhi.

Servants searches Ruhi in the house. Armaan goes to outhouse and knocks the door. Rudraksh opens the door. Armaan asks him about Ruhi. Rudraksh acts like he is. clueless about Ruhi. He recalls that how Ruhi escaped through window.

Preesha sees Ruhi sneaking out of the house. She follows her. Armaan sees Ruhi. Rudraksh thinks that he have to save Ruhi. Ruhi falls down and loses her consciousness. Preesha picks her. She asks Armaan to call the Doctor.

Rudraksh gets worried about Ruhi and he follows Preesha. Armaan stops him and asks him to stay outside. Rudraksh calls Saaransh and tells him everything. He asks him to come to Armaan’s house to stay with Ruhi.

Pihu notices expensive phone on Prem’s hands. She tells Raj that Prem is poor still he have expensive phone. Raj recognizes Rudraksh. He tries to stop Pihu but she leaves to question Prem. Preesha tells Armaan that they have to inform Rudraksh about Ruhi.

Digvijay tells her that they can inform Rudraksh after Doctor treated Ruhi. Pihu tells Prem that she saw him using expensive phone. He shows his phone which is not expensive. He recalls how Raj messaged him about Pihu’s doubt. She tells him that she misunderstood.

She apologizes to him. Doctor treats Ruhi. Preesha allows Prem to stay with Ruhi until Ruhi regains her consciousness. Ruhi wakes up. She call Prem as her father. She says that she don’t know Preesha and Saaransh. Prem says that she don’t know Ruhi. She hold his hand. She says that she want to stay with her father.

Saaransh says that he don’t know Prem. He asks Ruhi that what happened to her. Preesha tells him that Ruhi lost her memory because of her head injury. Rudraksh gets worried hearing her. Saaransh decides to take Ruhi to neurologist.

Preesha tells him that she will accompany them because she can’t leave them alone. Armaan asks Saaransh to call the Doctor there to examine Ruhi. After some time, Sharda comes there with Doctor. Doctor asks everyone to leave the room except Khuranas. Saaransh praises Ruhi for her acting.

Sharda asks them to not scream. She asks Ruhi that if the latter did not tell the plan to Rudraksh. Ruhi recalls that how she faked her memory loss to stay with Rudraksh. She tells her that she did not get chance to tell her plan to Rudraksh.

Sharda says that last step of their plan is pending. Doctor says that he will tell everyone that Ruhi temporarily lost her memory and she has to live with Prem for few days.

Rudraksh blames himself for Ruhi’s condition. Preesha consoles him. Armaan wonders that why Ruhi called Prem as her father. Prem picks Ruhi. Ruhi murmurs to him that she was acting so he need not to worry. Pihu takes Ruhi to outhouse. Doctor reveals that Ruhi lost her memory temporarily because of her head injury.

He says that Ruhi can’t handle shock so they have to make sure that Ruhi lives happily. He tells Prem that Ruhi has to stay with the latter now. Armaan says that Ruhi is acting and it’s Rudraksh’s plan.

Preesha asks him to trust Doctor at least. She tells him that she can understand Ruhi’s pain because she also lost her memories. She decides to keep Ruhi with her until Ruhi becomes fine. Saaransh tells Preesha that he can’t let Ruhi stay there alone. She tells him to stay there too. Armaan gets shocked hearing her. Rudraksh thinks that his kids are smart.

Sharda tells Preesha that Ruhi can’t stay there because Rudraksh won’t allow it. Preesha tells her that she will meet Rudraksh to convince him. Armaan reminds her that how she reacts seeing Rudraksh. She tells him that she don’t care about herself and she can do anything for Ruhi because Ruhi is like her daughter.

Rudraksh goes to outhouse. He tells everything to Ruhi. Ruhi tells Vidyut to come there. Later, Vidyut sneak into outhouse. He disguise as gardener. Rudraksh wears his outfit and leaves from there. Ruhi asks Vidyut to act like working in the garden.

Preesha and others reaches Khurana mansion.  Meanwhile, Rudraksh gets stuck in the traffic. Preesha gets welcomed by Sharda. Armaan asks Sharda to not waste time and call Rudraksh so they can talk to him.

Saaransh receives Rudraksh’s message and learns that the latter stuck in the traffic. Preesha asks him that where is Rudraksh. Saaransh tells her that Rudraksh must be in his room so he will bring him. She tells him that she will go to Rudraksh’s room.

She goes upstairs. Armaan follows her. Saaransh tells Sharda that Rudraksh is not in his room. Sharda tells him that they have to stop Preesha. Preesha gets shocked seeing her photos in Rudraksh’s room. Armaan thinks that he should not have brought Preesha there.

Saaransh hopes that Preesha gets her memories back seeing these photos. Rudraksh comes out of bathroom. Preesha asks him that why he has her photos in his room. He asks her to see that how happy she looks in those photos. He tells her that he loves her.

Armaan reminds Preesha that what all Rudraksh did. Preesha tells Rudraksh that she came to talk about Ruhi. Rudraksh asks her that what happened to Ruhi.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will show the saree to Preesha which he gifted her. Armaan will think that Preesha started remembering the past. Other side, Kanchan will call Prem. Ruhi will open the door. Kanchan will get shocked seeing Prem laying on the bed.

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