Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update: Venky decides to get revenge from Mishka.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Mishka reaches Param’s house to spend time with Vidhi and she asks Param to join them but he refuses. So she explains him that he is doing wrong with Vidhi by blaming her for her parents death. He tauntingly tells her that if she is finished then he want to leave and leaves from there. She gives toys and pastry to Vidhi but the latter remains sad. Other side, Rudraksh supports Gopal and asks him to not blame himself for anything. Preesha asks Gopal to not feel guilty. They gets shocked seeing Vasudha with Venky. Vasudha lashes out at Gopal for hiding about Venky from her and also for having an affair with Dr Radha. Preesha tells the truth to Vasudha. So Vasudha apologizes to Gopal and Dr Radha.

Mishka calls Rudraksh and informs him about Vidhi. He asks her to throw a surprise party for Vidhi and he will bring Param definitely. Dr Iyer tells Srinivasan’s that Venky recovering and he needs to stay in the hospital to recover completely. Mishka brings Vidhi to Khurana house so the latter can play with Saaransh. Saaransh tells her that she is good person now. Rudraksh jokingly tells Preesha that he hopes that Venky won’t turn out like Mahima. Preesha tells him that she won’t leave the girl who accused Venky at college. Later, Vidhi gets happy after learning about party. Param gets shocked seeing the decorations and he is about to go inside but stops seeing the old video of him pampering Vidhi with her parents. She asks him to not cry. He hugs her. Preesha praises Rudraksh’s plan.

Rudraksh makes Mishka and Param meet in the restaurant so they gets close to each other. But, Mishka and Param argues with each other and Rudraksh witnesses that without their knowledge. Rudraksh calls Preesha and asks her to reach the restaurant. Venky sees Mishka’s picture in Preesha’s mobile. Preesha leaves the hospital. Venky becomes violent recalling Mishka’s picture which shocks Vasudha and Gopal. Dr Iyer injects him to control him. Other side, Preesha reaches the restaurant and Rudraksh explains the situation to her. Param and Mishka leaves the restaurant and they gets shocked seeing their car tyre puncture. Cab comes there and driver asks both of them to ride in his cab because they won’t get any other cab at that time so they gets in the cab. Driver stops the car in the middle of the jungle and tells them that he is going to call the mechanic and leaves from there.

Preesha recalls that how she punctured the cars and send cab to them. Param and Mishka blames each other for their problems. Preesha stops Rudraksh from reacting. Gopal tells Dr Radha that he never saw Venky this much violent so something happened definitely. She tells him that they should find out that what triggered Venky. They watches CCTV footage and learns that Venky reacted after seeing something from Preesha’s mobile. Preesha calls Mishka and scares her by talking about wild animals so the latter can get close to Param. Mishka gets afraid seeing snake near her and Param rescues her so she hugs him in fear. He picks her and puts her in the cab. Rudraksh and Preesha smiles seeing that and they talks about themselves.

Mishka and Param talks about their life and decides to become friends. Rudraksh and Preesha overhears their conversation and gets happy. Next day, Gopal informs Preesha that something from her mobile could have triggered Venky. She shows her mobile to Venky and he smiles seeing the wallpaper and behaves normal. Dr Radha tells Gopal that maybe Venky remembered something from his past that’s why he reacted that way. Preesha learns that Vasudha went to Chennai to take care of her sister. Param proposes Mishka for marriage and she accepts it. She informs Preesha about the proposal and visits Srinivasan’s house. Venky faints after seeing Mishka. Preesha informs Venky’s story to Mishka. She tells her that she hates the girl who put false allegations on Venky.

Mishka leaves from there and meets with an accident while recalling the past. Rudraksh and Param visits Mishka in the hospital. She assures them that she is fine. Later, Mishka tells herself that she never thought Venky will face so much because of her false allegations against him. Preesha decides to join hospital again. Mishka regrets for lying to Principal about Venky. She recalls that how she was partying in boys hostel with her friends and she put the false allegation on Venky saying that he tried to molest her. Principal took bribe from Mishka’s father to punish Venky and leaves Mishka. Mishka’s father sends Mishka to London too. She thinks that if she tells the truth to Param then he will leave her. So she decides to not tell the truth to anyone.

Next day, Rudraksh helps Preesha to get ready. He tells her that she always supports him so he want to support her now. He serves breakfast to her. He realises that his hand made food is not tasty still Preesha eating it without any complain. Mishka visits Srinivasan’s house. Gopal asks her to stay with Venky saying that he need to go out to buy medicines and leaves the house. She apologizes to Venky and pleads him to not tell the truth to anyone. Rudraksh comes there and asks Mishka that why she apologized to Venky so she lies to him that she splashed water on the bed by mistake. After some time, in the hospital patient’s husband yells at Preesha and Rudraksh throws him out of the cabin. He helps her until her duty gets over. Later, Venky asks Preesha about her and Rudraksh’s love story. She tells him that, that’s a long story and they are together because of destiny. Venky tells them that destiny can be changed easily by others.

Param tells Priest and Sharda that he can’t wait for a year to marry Mishka and he chooses next week marriage date. Mishka informs Rudraksh that her marriage date has been fixed and he informs about it to Srinivasan’s. Venky tells him that he would like to witness Punjabi marriage. Mishka recalls that how she bribed Priest to fix this marriage date because she wants to marry Param before Venky does anything against her. Rudraksh brings Srinivasan’s to Khurana house to stay there until Mishka’s marriage gets over. Mishka asks Venky that did he forgave her and he nods at her. Then he thinks that he will punish her for sure.

In the upcoming episode, Mishka and Param’s marriage rituals will begin. Venky will solve Rubik’s cube puzzle. So Rudraksh will talk about it to Sharda and Venky will hear that.

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