Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update:A shocker for Rudraksh.

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Armaan tells Digvijay that he is happy today because Preesha agreed to return to Mumbai after watching Pihu’s play. Digvijay tells him that Rudraksh may visit the college to watch the play.

Next day, Ruhi asks Rudraksh to dress like how he used to when Preesha was with him. She adds that she is missing Preesha so much today. She gives hoodie to him and he goes to change.

She says that today Preesha will see Rudraksh that’s why she wants him to wear Preesha’s favourite clothes so Preesha can remember the past seeing him. He comes out and asks her to reach the college with Sharda. Kids reaches the college with Sharda. Sharda informs kids that Rudraksh left for meeting.

Digvijay hears that and he informs about it to Armaan. He recalls that how Armaan made Mr. Oberoi fix a meeting with Rudraksh. Staff gives dress to Pihu. Vidyut compliments Pihu. But she yells at him in front of everyone.

One guy asks Vidyut that if the latter really fell for Pihu because he is tolerating Pihu’s attitude. Vidyut thinks that he will humiliate Pihu in front of everyone to get his revenge on her. Kids get happy seeing Preesha. First part of play gets over.

Ruhi lies to Rudraksh that she is not feeling well. So Rudraksh cancels the meeting and leaves for college. Armaan learns about Ruhi’s plan and he locks her in a room. He learns that Preesha left for washroom.

Rudraksh collides with Armaan but ignores him. He informs Sharda that Ruhi is not well. He learns that Ruhi left for washroom. Meanwhile, Ruhi screams for help. Preesha hears that and asks Ruhi to calm down.

She opens the door using hairpin. Ruhi hugs her. Preesha asks her about her parents. Ruhi asks her to meet her father. She hears Rudraksh’s voice and moves towards him with Preesha.

Vidyut hugs Pihu in the changing room. Pihu warns him to stay away from her. Staffs brings banner in between Rudraksh and Preesha on Armaan’s behest. Ruhi goes to Rudraksh.

Armaan drags Preesha outside the college. He informs her that they have to leave for Mumbai within 2 hours because he has a meeting to attend. They leaves the college. Ruhi notices that Preesha is missing and she tells Rudraksh that she is fine now.

Play begins. Vidyut recalls that how he cut the rope of Pihu’s dress while hugging her. Pihu realises that her dress getting loose and she gets worried. Raj comes there and he saves Pihu before she gets humiliated in front of everyone.

Raj recalls that how he saw Vidyut cutting the rope of Pihu’s dress. Later, Pihu tells Preesha everything. Preesha suspects Vidyut and Raj.

Raj asks Vidyut that why the latter malfunctioned Pihu’s dress. Vidyut tells him that he wanted to take revenge on Pihu. Ruhi thinks that she has to stop Preesha from leaving for Mumbai. She goes to Rudraksh and tells him that she want to tell him something about Preesha.

Police visits Khurana mansion and arrests Vidyut. Sharda tells Rudraksh about Vidyut’s arrest. In the police station, Rudraksh asks Police inspector that who gave the complaint. Pihu enters the police station and she says that she gave complaint against Vidyut, because he malfunctioned her dress to humiliate her in front of everyone.

Vidyut tells Rudraksh that Pihu lying and she did not forget the past and have grudges against him still. Pihu slaps him. He asks her that if she has any proof against him.

Raj comes there and says that he saw Vidyut cutting the rope of Pihu’s dress. Rudraksh asks him that why the latter did not tell about it to him earlier. Raj tells him that Pihu’s sister in law convinced him to expose Vidyut.

Pihu recalls that how Preesha convinced Raj to give statement against Vidyut. Vidyut accepts that he did that in anger. He mockingly tells sorry to Pihu.

Preesha comes there and says that Vidyut deserves punishment. Rudraksh gets happy seeing Preesha after a year. Armaan learns about everything from Kanchan and he leaves for police station.

Rudraksh tells Preesha that he searched her everywhere. He tries to hug her. But she stops him and she warns him to not touch her. He asks her that if she is angry at him still. He tells her that he was searching her like mad. She asks him that if he was searching her to kill her.

She says that he is devil and she don’t even want to see his face. He tells her that she is his wife and his life. She tells him that she was his wife but now she don’t have any relationship with him. He wonders that why she is reacting like this for their small fight.

He touches her hand and he says that he loves her. She pushes him and breaks everything in anger. She faints and Armaan holds her.

Rudraksh gets shocked when Armaan referred Preesha as his wife. He says that he was right about Armaan. He asks him that why the latter lied about Preesha. Armaan tells him that he lied for Preesha’s sake. He adds that Preesha did not want to meet Rudraksh because she hates him. Pihu agrees with him.

But Rudraksh refuses to believe them. He picks Preesha and moves from there. Cops stops him. Armaan says that Preesha is his wife. Rudraksh says that he never divorced Preesha. Armaan shows proof to him.

He recalls that how he took Rudraksh’s signature on the divorce papers by tricking him. Cops puts Rudraksh behind bars. Armaan takes Preesha from there.

Sharda learns about Rudraksh’s arrest and she reaches the police station. She asks Police inspector to release Rudraksh. Lawyer submits the bail papers. Later, Ruhi tells Rudraksh everything about Preesha including her memory loss and her fits.

She asks him to stop Preesha or else Preesha will go to Mumbai. He says that he don’t know that what happened to Preesha but he is sure that Armaan is responsible for her condition. Saaransh asks him if the latter will leave his anger and bring back Preesha.

Rudraksh tells them that he needs his kids support to bring back Preesha. Kids agrees to help him. On the other hand, Pihu blames herself for everything. Armaan asks her to not blame herself. He says that Preesha is safe and she is with them and that’s enough for him.

Digvijay says that he booked tomorrow’s flight. Preesha regains consciousness. Armaan asks her to not think about Rudraksh. He mixes double dose in water and he offers it to Preesha.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will slap Vidyut. He say that Vidyut has to apologize to Pihu. Ruhi will tell him that she knows that he want to meet Preesha. Khuranas will reach Armaan’s house.

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