Yeh Hai Chahatein: What! Do Karun got lost in Diwali mela?

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In the popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Chahatein, goons will decide to kill Kaashvi in Diwali mela. Kaashvi will tell help Karun to find his parents. Who will see Kaashvi? Check below to learn more.


In the current track, Kaashvi learns that Karun’s father took Karun with him. She informs Dadi about her promotion. She says that she rejected the promotion because she don’t want to stay in Faridabad. Dadi tells her to not run away from the past. She says that Kaashvi is letting her past affect the present. She asks her move on in her life because Arjun won’t return in her life and he moved on in his life many years back. Kaashvi tells her that she is not waiting for Arjun and no one can fill Arjun’s place in her life. Dadi convinces Kaashvi to go to Diwali mela.

Next day, Bajwas gets ready to go to Diwali mela. Karun is excited. Jagdish says that Arjun was also like this when he was kid. They reaches Diwali mela. Kaashvi and Dadi also comes there. Karun wins teady bear with Arjun’s help and he gifts the teady bear to Mahima. Mahima plans to enjoy the Diwali mela with her friends.

In the upcoming episode, Goons will see Kaashvi in Diwali mela and they will plan to kill her. Karun will get lost in Diwali mela and Kaashvi will find him. Karun will show Mahima to Kaashvi.

Will Kaashvi see Mahima?

Will Arjun scold Mahima for her carelessness?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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