Yeh Hai Mohabaatein- Sahil to abduct Shaina.

Much has been going on in Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabatein. Sahil has escaped from the jail and is planning to do a lot of worse deeds than he already did in the past. He is trying to identify the person who is behind his fall this time. With the help of his allies, he gets a picture of Shaina in the Bhalla house and gets shocked of how she survived when he had burnt her alive. But he realizes that all these are doings of Shaina that police have come to know about all his places where he conducts his illegal activities.

Now as he is planning to flee the country in a disguise, he plans to do another crime before he does so. In the upcoming episode of the show, we will see Sahil abducting Shaina. He will then threaten to kill her at a gunpoint. He will slap her and spew venomous words to her for ruining his perfect plan. Before killing her, he would want to find out about her ally who has helped her to reach the Bhallas and tell all of his secrets to police. He knows Shaina alone can not pull all of these alone. So he decides to kidnap Shaina instead of killing her instantly. Will he able to make Shaina speak everything to him? Shaina will cry and tell him not to kill her but will she give up more information that that? We are yet to see that.

Meanwhile, the letter she left at the Bhalla house will reveal a lot of things and those will shock Bhalla family to the core. They will know shocking truths about Shaina and Sahil through that. So, peeps! Don’t miss out on the upcoming episodes.

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