Yeh Hai Mohabatein- Arijit to abduct Ishita and mislead the family!

As Ishita and Mani get closer to finding out the real truth behind Raman’s disappearance in Star Plus’s TRP topper Yeh Hai Mohabatien, Arijit conspires to stop them from going to the bottom of reality. He has been operating all his cunning plots to create differences between Karan and Yug and in the recent episodes, he also made Ruhi and Aliya’s secret plan flop out. He is rejoicing at his win and is going to do more to keep trouble the Bhalla family.

On account of his plans and the inconsistency of family to understand Ishita’s signals on finding the truth on Raman’s disappearance, now Ishita has to go to the Mental asylum. In the upcoming episode, she will be given some pills to take at the mental asylum. She will use her cleverness and spit the medicine secretly. She has a mission to complete and she will not stop until she is getting to that.

However, she will have to face lots more difficulties on the way. As the episode progresses, we will see Arijit coming to the Mental asylum to abduct her. He will find her alone and seeing his best chance he will use chloroform to make Ishita unconscious. He will then hold her hostage in the mental asylum itself.

After he holds her captive there, he will plan to mislead the families that will seek her out. He will take her phone from there and place it to somewhere else so that her location will be shown somewhere else once somebody tries her to trace with it. The family will worriedly search for her but will not be able to find her because of it. Keep tuning in to the show and do follow us for more spoilers, updates, and news on your favorite tv shows and stars.