Yeh Hai Mohabatein- more conspiracies from Arijit to keep troubling the Bhalla family!


It is already revealed in Star Plus’s hit show Yeh Hai Mohabatein that Raman has not died in the said plane crash and instead is held in a hostage by Arijit. Moreover, the evil man Arijit whose only motto is to ruin the Bhalla family has now also abducted Ishita from the mental asylum. He has used chloroform to make Ishita faint so he can quietly kidnap her without any issues. Once the effect of the chloroform wears off, Ishita will wake up in a mysterious place as she will be tied in a dark room. She will try to free herself and shout for the help, but her plea will fall on deaf ears and will be of no use.

On the other side, the show will feature Raman on screen after a long period of time. It will be shown that Raman has been heavily drugged and paralyzed by Arijit while he has been holding him in hostage since long. In the upcoming episode though, we will see Raman back to his senses and he will ask Arijit about his identity. He is still unaware of why is abducted like that and who is behind all this. He will try to know the reason behind all this and the person who is carrying out such a heinous act.

But Arijit will warn him not to run away again or else he will drug him again and paralyze him to keep him away from running away. As the episode progresses, we will see Arijit blackmailing Dr. Sunita into drugging Ishita while still holding Raman in his captivity. On the other hand, the Bhalla family will keep seeking out Ishita’s whereabouts to which Arijit cleverly will avert their suspicion by messaging the Bhallas from Ishita’s phone. Follow us for more spoiler updates and spicy news from the world of television.

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