Yeh Hai Mohabatein- more drama on the line!

Star Plus’s popular drama Yeh Hai Mohabatein is successfully maintaining its dramatic element as one after another fast-paced track come into the fore with each passing episodes of the show every week. Fans are up for a full-on entertainment package as the characters of the show go on to play a myriad of emotions that can be transpired through the edgy and superbly crafted thrill into the ongoing story.

As we all are aware, Ishita was held captive by Arijit but apparently, he is not able to locate her as it seems she has succeeded in escaping his clutches. On the other hand, in the coming episode, he will have difficulty in keeping Raman in his hideout as well. Since Karan has been doubtful of Arijit’s involvement in every weird thing going around in their lives, he will try to know more on his doubt. The next episode will feature a tensed Arijit at the beginning as a suspicious Karan will search his house along with Ruhi.

Upon searching the whole house thoroughly, they will chance upon a locked room which is where Arijit has held Raman in hostage. Karan will ask about the locked room to which Arijit will reply that it just got locked. Karan will then ask to break the door and they will break into the door. However, they won’t find Raman there as a clever Mohan will have already hidden Raman from them. On the other side, Yug will secretly visit the asylum.

Though Arijit has been successful in covering his kidnapping of Raman, he will have trouble finding Ishita. This failure of his plans will make him burn in fury and we will see a furious Arijit decide to relocate Ishita. What will happen next? The build-up for the upcoming drama is spicy and we can’t wait for more. Keep this space abuzz for more news.