August 22, 2019
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Yeh Hai Mohabatein- more suspense in the making!

Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabatein is always successful in keeping its story gripping enough to capture all the audiences’ attention to the show. Now is the time where we are getting to witness the cunning plot of Arijit to trouble Ishita’s family and Ruhi and Aliya’s secret planning to dismiss any conflict that might arise in the family. It is for time to tell who wins and who loses in this secret game but for now, we have exclusive spoilers from the sources on the set of the show for an upcoming episode.

The spoilers look very much of a pilot for the huge drama that will follow soon in the show. So, here we begin. In the upcoming episode, the fierce argument between Ruhi and Aliya will continue. Ishita will worry about the way the two are behaving as she overhears their conversation and witnesses them arguing bitterly. The family is unknown that it is actually a secret plan that these two are carrying out in order to mitigate the conflict between Karan and Yug.

In the episode, following the ugly spat, Aliya will declare that she will now leave the house with Yug. Her declaration will make everyone feel worried and they will try to stop her from doing something like that. Later as the episode progresses, Aliya and Ruhi will decide to meet for their secret meeting. However, there is the place where they decide to meet, they will get a huge shock as there will be a dead body already there.

Whose might it be? that is now the suspense in the making. Seeing that dead body, both Aliya and Ruhi will be shocked. On the other side, Arijit will be seen laughing like a maniac once he knows how Ruhi and Aliya reacted on the scene. Follow us for more updates and news.

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